Using TikTok To Promote Affiliate Marketing Products

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social platforms, and has seen huge increase in usage the past 3 months. People are now wondering if it can be used as an additional revenue stream by promoting affiliate offers or other products. Well, you are about to find out in this article.

What is TikTok? 

TikTok allows users to upload short videos, add various entertaining sounds to them, do some basic editing and upload them publicly. Generally, the audience on TikTok is looking for fun and entertainment, as accounts that create such content have seen the biggest success on the platform. By having over 600 million app installs just in 2019, it is certainly a leader among the social networks we know.

TikTok originates from China where it managed to capture a large portion of the population’s attention, and in 2017, the app went overseas. Now, TikTok has more than 1 billion users, as of March 2020, which is more than enough reason to explore it is a marketing opportunity.

Advertising Opportunities on TikTok

TikTok is doing tests on various ways of advertising delivery.

However, there’s an opportunity now as there is a gap between supply and demand for content on TikTok. The ratio between content creators and viewers is too high, and it is quite easy to get trending and gain followers in a shorter amount of time compared to other social platforms that are content saturated. This means that just in exchange for content, you can gain organic reach for your product and diverse audiences.

As of this moment, the advertising scheme of TikTok is rather unclear, because it is still being tested. There are some countries in which they have launched this service publicly, but only to selected advertisers, and it is still in beta. We are definitely looking forward to see what they come up.

Affiliate Marketing and TikTok

You can do affilaite marketing on TikTok either by organic unpaid content or direct paid advertising.

Organic content for affiliate marketing on Tiktok

Right now it doesn’t have this functionality, but TikTok is looking to allow users the ability to add links to their videos. This could make your job a lot more easier, as right now you can only add social links to your profile. The social links can be YouTube channels, Facebook and Instagram accounts, which limits your possibilities if you are looking for short-term advertising.

Currently, the long-run game is what is happening with TikTok. You can build an audience there, and you can then direct that audience to your social profiles where you have content that directs them to an affiliate promotion. This, of course, would require patience and persistence when creating content and building audience, but having such a low advertising competition might actually pay off.

Another option is to either include a promo code or a link in your video. That could also work for you, but you would most likely have to purchase a domain that’s easy to spell and remember, which redirects people to the website you want them to go to. You can also ask for promo codes from your affiliate managers, which users can use directly on their website, so that the webmasters know which leads exactly came from you.

Paid advertising for affiliate marketing on TikTok

At the moment, TikTok allows the following paid advertising options:

Top view ads
Top view ads are videos that start playing when somebody launches the TikTok app. The video is found in the video browsing section.  

Hashtag challenges
Videos with certain hashtags are popular and motivate users to make more content on a certain topic. As an advertiser, you can create paid videos that promote using a hashtag.

Branded lenses
Content creators on TikTok can use special filters on their videos. These filters can contain brand specific information. These brand lenses, also called effect filters, can be compared with filters seen on Snapchat and are fun and motivating to use.

Brand takeover
A brand takeover ad is an ad that takes over the full screen in the TikTok app. It is considered the most invasive ad type on TikTok.

Paid advertisement prices
Prices for TikTok advertisement range between 10 dollars per 1000 views and 100 dollars for a brand takeover video. The prices are subject to change and also depend on the total advertising package that you purchase.

Influencer Marketing
Last but not least, good old influencer marketing where the cost is negotiated and the results vary. Especially, with TikTok people have seen this, because not all videos actually end up on the “For You” page. However, in case your paid content ends up on this suggest type of page, you are in for some good free traffic.

Should You Use TikTok For Affiliate Marketing?

You should think about whether what you are trying to promote would be applicable:

  • Your niche
    TikTok’s audience is primarily younger, and it is more interested in apparel, lifestyle and consumer products. In case you are promoting B2B, home repair or another “older” niche, it might not do that well on the platform.
  • Mobile optimization
    TikTok is an app, and, therefore, all of it’s visitors are mobile, so your landing page or product you are selling should perform well for mobile users.
  • Willingness to be flexible and adapt
    TikTok is actually still being adapted by it’s users, and it is unclear in which direction the app would go. There might also be some unexpected changes in policies and advertising options in the future, so one should keep that in mind.

TikTok offers lots of opportunities, and affiliate marketers who decide to take their marketing efforts to TikTok have a chance of making good profits. 

Written by Asen Levov

I am a startup founder with years of experience in web development and digital marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2015, primarily performance. Started Ad Specto to share my story and my knowledge with the world. Founder @SketchCoWorking @AdSpecto

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