Top 10 Ways To Promote Affiliate Links and Monetize in 2020

AdSense and other means of earning money online are cool, but have you ever tried affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the best and fastest ways to make money from your site. Unlike many other sources of income from online platforms, you can turn your affiliate site into a passive source of income. Many affiliate marketers are making thousands of dollars per month from their sites.

Income generated from affiliate marketing is 15% of the total online revenue, and 10% annual growth is expected from affiliate marketing. In this detailed discussion about ways to promote affiliate marketing, we are going to explore the best ways that can help you make more sales.

What is the Affiliate Link?

In affiliate marketing, the advertiser assigns you a specific URL that is used to monitor the traffic that you bring to the advertiser’s site through your channels. Every advertiser has his own specific affiliate links that are shared with different affiliate marketers.

Most of the affiliate programs pay only for the sold items, but some programs may pay you for the leads too. Whenever some visitor makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you will earn commission from that sale.

Best Way to Promote Affiliate Links

There are various methods and channels to promote and market your affiliate links. Although many people use sites and blogs as the main sources of marketing yet, there are several other methods too. Today, we are going to consider the top ten ways that have maximum effect on affiliate marketing:

1. Affiliate Website Reviews

The best way to promote your affiliated products is to create public awareness about the product. Users like to read detailed reviews about the products they are going to buy, and you can leverage this opportunity to sell your affiliate products. While writing the reviews, make sure that every detail in the review is correct, and you are not making false claims about the product.

The most important step is to do keyword research. You can use different tools to look for keywords and queries that your visitors are using to access the business. The prime purpose of reviews is to offer information to the users. So, here are some points that every product review must cover:

  • What is the product?
  • Benefits of the product
  • How to use the product?
  • Pros and cons of the product
  • Comparison of the product with other competitors
  • Tips on how to improve the usage of any specific product

2. Deep Product Tutorials

Many users may be new to online shopping sites, so they will need complete assistance with the website and the purchasing process. You can write longer articles or make tutorial videos to impress your audience to make the purchase.

Here are some main points that you must discuss in the tutorial that might be helpful for the visitors:

  • How to use affiliate products?
  • How to shop online?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of this product?
  • Product tips for easier use

3. Affiliate Banners

Visitors are easily attracted to the visual content on your site and the media ads get more engagement than the textual ads. So, you can add affiliate banners on your site to grab user attention right towards the affiliated link that you want to promote.

Credit: Pinterest

Even if you are not into graphic designing, still, you can use affiliate banners as these banners are generally provided by the advertiser himself. Visual content is the best way to engage with a wider audience, so these clickable banners can be used on your site or blog. You can place these banners at the right place on your website.

4. Automated Welcome Emails

Having a mailing list for your business is essential to beat the fierce competition. You need to start working on increasing your mailing list to build a loyal following. With email marketing, you are not only going to get more traffic for your site, but you can also promote your affiliated link.

The best way to promote affiliated links through email is to use automated tools to communicate with subscribers. As soon as a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, an automated thank you email will be sent to the subscriber with your affiliated link. While doing so, make sure that you are not irritating your readers.

5. Tools and Resources Pages

All the marketing blogs of today started their online career with simple blogs to earn money with monetization channels. Soon they realized they need to automate the process in order to automate their income. They launched their own marketing tools and started promoting their affiliated links with these tools, you can see the example of Neil Patel as he launched many marketing tools and resources.

In order to generate passive income from affiliated marketing, you need to present yourself as a brand. In the first stages, focus on building authority by sharing the most valuable information. You can keep sharing the top resources and tools to keep your audience engaged. In these tools, you can promote your affiliated products as well.

6. Promote Affiliate Links through Digital Products

You can publish your eBook or digital course about your area of expertise. Even if you are not skilled enough to create your own course, you can hire any professional regarding your service to generate the content that you can promote. In the document or the profile, you can add your affiliated links. Make sure that the subject of your book or the course is related to the products, so you get to engage with more and more audience.

7. YouTube Affiliated Links

Video content is always more convincing than textual content. So, you can leverage the YouTube videos to promote your affiliated links. Even if you are working on the site, adding a detailed review video to the site can increase your website engagement. You can add affiliated links in the video description, and it will allow the users to learn more about your product.

8. Twitter Promotion

Although Twitter is not that much converting as Facebook and Instagram, having this platform in affiliated link promotion can be a good thing to do. Once you have shared your content on Twitter, you can integrate those Tweets to your blog too.

9. Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook

Facebook is an active social media platform with billions of active users, and having a professional business page or individual profile can boost your marketing campaigns. Your goal is not to spam the newsfeed of your audience but to convince them to buy your product. First of all, build authority by sharing authentic and relevant information about the product. Once you have engagement, keep sharing your affiliate links with your friends and followers.

10.Instagram Affiliate Links

If your affiliate program is about clothing items or other such accessories, Instagram marketing can be a perfect opportunity to make more sales with your affiliated link. As Instagram posts are not clickable, you need to add affiliate links in the description for the accessibility of the visitors. If you have more Instagram followers, you can add affiliate links on Instagram stories as well.

Written by Usama Arbakan

I am a big fan of the digitization of businesses and have been helping bloggers and startup owners with business marketing for the last 4 years. My educational background includes Bachelor's in Commuter Science Degree and several diplomas in marketing and writing. Currently, a part-time blog writer at Ad Specto.

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