Top 10 Free Stock Trading Apps (2021)

Are you using any stock trading apps right now? If your answer is yes, then which is the best app you have ever used for free stock trading?

If you are also facing a financial crisis due to the recent volatile market situation, you need to invest your money and time in free stock trading. According to a report back in 2016, 80% of the Americans were not involved in the stock market due to two main reasons:

  • 40% did not have enough capital for investment in the stocks;
  • 34% were not familiar with the usage of stock trading apps.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the ten best stock trading apps that anyone can try in 2021. It is a fact that with the right stock trading app and right investment strategy, you can do a lot in the stock markets. The days of stockbrokers are gone when you used to pay high fees to middlemen. These stock trading apps focus on providing a more convenient and profitable trading environment for investors.

Best Stock Trading Apps 2021

The list of best stock trading apps has all the smart investment apps that are equally useful for fresh investors in the stock market and the experienced traders. Let’s see which best stock trading apps you are already familiar with:

1. M1 Finance

Best Investment app if you want free or commission trading tool

When it comes to the user-friendly interface and affordable operation costs, M1 Finance deserves the top spot on the list. With online brokerage options and Robo-advisor, you get a perfect investment environment with M1 Finance.

Who can use M1 Finance Investment App?

You can label M1 Finance as the best investment app for beginners. Anyone who does not want to invest extra money on portfolio building can use this investment app for free stock trading.

You will have to make “pie” to invest money, and this pie will manage and divide your capital across all selected options. The overall working of the app is pretty cool.

Is M1 Finance Free?

The best thing is pricing this best investment app for beginners as it is free of cost. You don’t have to spend any extra money on side expenses or any hidden fees. Getting started with this free investment app is straightforward.

2. Robinhood

One of the best investment apps for free stock trading

If you need platforms for free stock trading and cryptocurrency trading, Robinhood is a good choice in 2021. This app was basically launched in 2013 and has grown to 4 million traders across the globe in these years. There are no minimum balance limits, and you can easily navigate through this app.

Although the options are not that great as compared to other top investment apps of 2021, yet the cost is extremely low, which makes it a good choice for free stock trading. There are no commission fees for the trades made through this platform.

Key Points about Robinhood

Here are some important points to know about Robinhood investment app before getting started:

  • This app shows some errors while syncing with other apps to manage expenses
  • For some premium features, you will have to pay $5 monthly
  • There is no desktop version of this app
  • For broker transfer, you will have to pay $75 fee

The main supported cryptocurrency for Robinhood is:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • ETH
  • ETC
  • LTC

3. Webull

Top investment app in the list of free apps

This name is relatively new in the trading business, but the company has some amazing features and options packed in the user-friendly mobile app. This free investment app is great for Options, ETFs, and stock trading. This app is mainly designed for free trading and investing, but a little experience can help you utilize the platform better.

There is no fee or commission for online stocks. For wire transfer, there is a minimal fee of $8 to $45 with some additional charges.

4. Acorns

This is the best investment app for auto savings.

The saving features of Acorns are really great as it is a simple yet easy to use investment app for beginners for stock trading in 2021. The account creation process won’t take longer than 5 minutes, and you can easily set your credentials like risk tolerance.

The change is rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the change is saved to your Acorns account. This change can be used to invest in your preferred investment portfolio.

Acorns Pricing

  • Core: $1 per month
  • Core+ later: $2 per month
  • Later + spend: $3 per month

5. Betterment

Best investment apps for long term investors and traders

This app is fully packed with all the advanced features like Robo-advisor and other options to fully automate your investment process. In the initial stage, you will have to provide details about your goals, and the platform will build a portfolio as per your preferences.

This app can also track the outside investment that you are making on other platforms. You can manage all your assets on the same dashboard. You will be charged a minimum fee of 0.25% for the management of the digital portfolio. The account minimum is $100k, and the annual fee would be 0.40%.

The long term strategies of Betterment make it a perfectly balanced platform for experienced and new investors.

6. Stash App

This is the best value-based free stock trading investment app.

This investment app was actually launched in 2015 to attract the common public towards trading. For fractional shares, Stash is the best value-based investment app. You just need $5 to open an account on Stash. The annual fee is .25% if you have at least a $5000 balance.

You can make selections from more than 150 stocks. There are many options to find different investment options. For the accounts with a balance of lesser than $5000, you will be charged $1 fee per month.

7. Stockpile

Best investment app for traders based in the US

This is one of the oldest and best investment apps. You can get a stock gift instead of purchasing. You must be located in the US and must be 18+ years to this investment app. This platform is a great learning tool for fresh and young investors. The gift cards received through Stockpile can be used across different platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Google. Gifts can be purchased in both physical cards and e-cards.

This investment app is best for high-value securities investments. There are no pre-made templates for portfolios, and you can only access ETFs. If you are looking for a great tool to send gift cards, then Stockpile is a great app for you, along with the extra perk of acquiring fractional shares.

8. Ally Invest

Best investment app for DIY investors

If you want to test and experiment with your skills for free stock trading, this is the best investment app for 2021. As this app is the product of Ally Bank, so you get 24/7 active customer support of the bank.

Ally Invest app gives you better control over your investment strategies. You can choose your individual investment options for Forex, Options, and stock exchange. There is a transaction fee for mutual funds. You will have to do most of the stuff manually.

Although this is a great app, yet beginners may not find this investment app very friendly and easy to use.

9. Fundrise

The main target audience is the real estate investors

If you are into the real estate market and want to make an 8.7 – 12.4% annual return. There is not much risk involved in this investment app. You need almost $500 for the starter account.

The advisory fee is almost 0.15%, while the asset management costs 0.85%. You get a chance to ask for help from industry leaders and other experienced real estate investors. Fundraise offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

10. TD Ameritrade

One of the best overall investment apps of 2021

This is a famous brokerage firm based in the US. This app has the basic and advanced options and features that are equally useful for both beginners and experienced investors and traders. The app has all the features amazingly packed, and there are some extra charts too for the experienced investors.

The cost of trading through TD Ameritrade is almost negligible, as the platform does not charge any commission for ETF trades.

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