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Top 10 Proven Ways to Make Money on Instagram in 2020

Do you know how to make money on Instagram? Are you only using Instagram for fun and entertainment but making no money on Instagram? Well, if you have always dreamed of making some easy bucks online, this guide might be your best solution. 

If you have a smartphone, then you surely have an Instagram account. Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites right now. The last few years have been golden for Instagram as the number of active users has boosted to a whole new level. Instagram is an even better option for graphics and videos than Facebook and other sites.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Brands are now focusing on Instagram to attract buyers. Almost every firm and brand has an Instagram profile. Brands are spending a huge percentage of their marketing budgets on Instagram marketing. You can also take some portion out of their spending to make money on Instagram.

1. Make Money on Instagram is simple

As the users and investors are taking an interest in Instagram, the demand for content creators is also increasing. If you are serious about trying your luck on Instagram, now is the perfect time and opportunity for you. Get started today, and you will cherish your decision tomorrow.

We have created this detailed article for you regarding making money on Instagram. These simple and common ways of making money on Instagram are very effective. You can choose any option that you feel suitable as per your own skills.

2. Sponsored Posts

If you have active followers and visitors, brands are ready to pay you handsome amounts just for one sponsored post. You just have to mention the brand’s name with its official link. The sponsored post maybe a photo or video that you have to post on your profile that describes the brand’s products and services.

If you don’t have millions of followers, then you may have to find a sponsor. If your followers are actively engaged with your profile, even a small number of followers can generate revenue. If you are posting some sponsored content, make sure that your followers know about it.

3. Become a Brand Ambassador

Sponsored posts are like short term strategies to make money on Instagram. If you have a strong fan following on Instagram, you should be focused on getting long term income out of your profile. Many brands prefer hiring brand ambassadors for long terms of collaboration. If you can successfully land one or two major brands as your long term partners, you will be making a handsome amount of money on Instagram.

The key to making money on Instagram is to have a huge fan following. So, the first step is to increase your fan following. If you want to generate income from Instagram but don’t know how to increase your Instagram following, we have another detailed blog post about that. Many top brands will be sending you promotional products and packages.

If you can prove your worthiness by promoting their products in the right way in front of your fan following, you can easily land that brand as your partner.

4. Sell your Art

Basically, Instagram is a photography website where people showcase their art and photography. Are you a photographer who is looking for an opportunity? Instagram may be a game-changer here, and it can give you a kick start in your career.

You can sell your photos on Instagram, and there are a lot of people who are ready to pay for the real at. Showcase your best work on the profile and search for potential buyers on media.

5. Earn from Affiliate Links

Just like blogging platforms, affiliate programs support Instagram too. If you are capable of delivering quality content for customer awareness, you can try affiliate links on your Instagram to generate money. When you join any affiliate program related to your interest, you will be given a special link that you can promote on your Instagram account.

When your followers make purchases from that link, you will be paid a fixed amount of commission. With the right affiliate program and right promotion, you can earn a handsome amount from an Instagram account.

6. Promote your Business

Are you a business owner and want to improve your sales? Instagram can support your sales in a very effective manner. You can promote your own products and business here. People are successfully running their stores and business on Instagram.

Just imagine you are in the business of handbags and want to sell online too. Just post your amazing stuff there and get customers from Instagram. More visitors mean more business to focus on followers.

7. Sell Visual Content

User-generated content is the new trend to offer your brand as an authentic business. Businesses and brands ask the top influencers to promote their services and products on their Instagram profile. In return, the influencers are paid free products and services.

Travel industry takes high advantage of this strategy, and they even offer fully paid trips to travel bloggers. You will just have to take real photos of their hotels or any other service they are offering. If you have used their travel agency services, you will have to mention their services in your captured photos.

8. Sell Instagram Accounts

Once you have enough followers to attract any new follower, you can sell your account too. If you have a viral account that is famous for any kind of stuff, such an account can generate revenue. People like to buy stable accounts instead of buying fake followers.

These established accounts are very attractive for businesses as they don’t have to wait for followers and visitors anymore. This is not the best strategy to make money on Instagram, but if you are ever in need of some urgent money, taking advantage of this opportunity can be a viable option.

9. Offer Social Media Marketing Services

If you have grown your Instagram account from zero, you can help others too. Brands don’t want to wait for years to have millions of followers, so they seek professional assistance. If you can help them with strategic Instagram posting, you can easily get paid enough. Many brands are looking for Instagram growth, so you need to prove yourself worthy of their investment, and you can easily get some long term clients on Instagram.

10.Find Freelance Clients

Many startups and small-medium businesses don’t want to hire a full-time in-house expert, so they look for freelance experts. If you have expertise in any field, mention in your profile that you are offering those services. Just imagine if you are a wildlife photographer with a huge following, pet stores and other relevant businesses can hire you to generate content for them. In short, there are countless ways to make money on Instagram. You just need to be creative enough to find a suitable one.

Written by Usama Arbakan

I am a big fan of the digitization of businesses and have been helping bloggers and startup owners with business marketing for the last 4 years. My educational background includes Bachelor's in Commuter Science Degree and several diplomas in marketing and writing. Currently, a part-time blog writer at Ad Specto.

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