Top 10 Project Management Softwares and Tools in 2020

In industrial and business environments, keeping track of projects is always an important assignment. Many enterprises hire project managers and certified professionals for project management. Startups and small-medium businesses cannot afford highly paid project managers, so they turn to digital solutions.

Not only small-medium businesses and startups use project management softwares and tools, but almost more than 77% of the mega projects also use some kind of project management tool.

Best Project Management tools

Project management tools are smart programs that are developed to help teams to plan, execute, and manage the project effectively. Here are the top ten best project management tools that you must try for better efficiency.

1. Wrike

The first tool on the list of best project management programs is Wrike. It helps the teams to collaborate effectively for better project management. The user interface is really simple and straightforward, with multi-windows for different tasks.

Wrike covers several project management factors that can affect team performance or overall productivity. Factors like team communications, tracking employee availability, and other important features are addressed in the perfect way.

The dashboard clearly presents all the stats and insights that matter for the team leader and the team member. Here are some unique features of Wrike project management tool that you might find useful for your project:

  • Visual tracking of the project progress
  • Easily prioritize your project tasks.
  • Drag and drop builder requires no efforts.
  • Simplify project planning with DRF
  • UI is simple yet offers all the options and features.
  • Data insights and analytics are right in the dashboard


There are five different plans for efficient project management, and you can try a limited-time free trial for up to 5 users.

2. Monday

Monday is another project management tool that is equipped with almost all the premium features of any project management tool. If you don’t want to get involved in complicated dashboards and difficult management tools, Monday is the right management tool for you. For small businesses and enterprises, Monday is equally useful in terms of project management. Key features involve:

  • Undo button for any task
  • Sync timeline with the calendar for scheduling
  • Provide a different portal for stakeholder and investors
  • Fully transfer one project to another list
  • Manage location-based projects
  • Resource management tools


  • You will have to pay additional costs if you want to add extra members
  • The plans are really expensive
  • New users may find it hard to use all the features effectively

3. ProofHub

You can manage more than one team for different projects. When every team member is accountable for his duties, you will end up delivering the required productivity at the said time with ProofHub. Some distinctive features of ProofHub include:

  • The project management tool is cloud-based
  • White labeling
  • Effective security protocols
  • Supports many languages
  • Visualize and manage stats efficiently
  • Excellent integration with other resources
  • Many amazing project management templates
  • Proofread the project progress


  • No customer support via phone
  • Some features are harder to use
  • Workflow management can be improved

4. Backlog

This is an amazing and effective project management app for teams working on different projects. By combining the power of different tools, this is one of the most powerful project management tools. You can send push notification to different members and keep records of char history and project progress. Some main features of Backlog project management tools are:

  • Track different factors associated with your project
  • Gantt charts to manage different stats of the project
  • Custom features and options especially for your business
  • Smartphone app for both iOS and Android

5. ProProfs Project

This project management software is simple in use but can effectively keep all of your team members on the same page regarding any project. Whether they are working from home or from your next cabin, no member will feel left alone. Stay up to date about the project progress and keep track of factors like milestones, progress, availability of resources, and other such factors. Here are some amazing features of this tool that make it the top choice among the best project management tools.

  • Use the task dependency feature in order to manage dates quickly
  • Optimize recurring tasks
  • Set the deadline so that your team can effectively achieve short term goals
  • Generate complete and comprehensive reports of the project for the clients
  • Allocate the right task to the right person
  • Track and manage your used and available resources


  • Overall this is a great project management tool, yet the functions and options can be too much to ask for

6. ClickUp

This project management software is one solution to all of the project issues that your teams are currently facing. The official website states this simple app can replace many other apps that you are already using for project management. Here are some other features of ClickUp:

  • There are several readymade templates
  • There are four different views
  • All the features can be used with drag and drop
  • Integrate this tool with many other services and sites
  • Import documents from other apps directly
  • You don’t need to keep creating a mess as you can manage most of the stuff from a single dashboard

7. Asana

You don’t need to panic about achieving your targets as Asana can help you to bring all the members on the same page. Asana provides a comprehensive platform for teams to interact and collaborate with each other. You can keep track of your team progress and assignments. Some other great features include:

  • Integrate the tool with more than 100 services
  • Get 50 plus readymade templates for marketing
  • Offer dependency management
  • Stay focused with my task list
  • Get official updates in your inbox


  • The first step of assigning the tasks to the members can be a tough job
  • There is no option of chat or phone support

8. Workzone

Workzone Company claims to be the number 1 project management tool provider. If you want to create brand awareness, this project management tool is the most suitable one as you can add your brand logo and signature. Different departments can collaborate with each other effectively with Workzone. The other features include:

  • Amazing collaboration tools
  • All the features and options are accessible from the dashboard
  • There are several templates to choose from
  • Expense and budget management
  • Manage your portfolio with this tool
  • Manage and prioritize your tasks
  • Get efficient project reports


  • Time can be managed in a better way
  • There is no separate portal for the clients
  • Beginners might find this tool difficult to use

9. Trello

This is the most used app not only by businesses and teams but by individuals as well. Many users claim that Trello is extremely flexible, and they can manage their projects and tasks as per their own preferences. The basic plan of this project management app is free for all users. Here are some features that you might love:

  • The free plan is available
  • Drag and drop project management features
  • Integrate many resources with Trello to improve project workflow
  • Get unlimited personal boards to manage limitless tasks


  • There is no portal for clients
  • Integrations are not available for the free plan
  • Phone calls are not supported by customer support

10. Podio

Web-based project management tools are always easier to manage and offer better control over the tasks. If you want to use the free features of the project management tool, you can use Podio. Along with basic features, here are several other options:

  • Reporting and filter options
  • Maintain smart conditional workflow
  • Optimized task management
  • Schedule your tasks and projects as per your preferences
  • Integrate 3rd party resources
  • Effective communication


  • Tracking options are limited
  • Customer support is not flexible.

Written by Usama Arbakan

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