Top 10 Link Building Strategies for SEO in 2020

It is no longer a marketing myth that link building for your site can bring more traffic than any other marketing campaign. Backlinks are the backbone of any SEO campaign, and an appropriate link building strategy can help a lot to grow website ranking.

The website with more backlinks from credible resources is considered to be more authentic not only by Google bots but by human readers too. Apart from improved ranking and more traffic, many other SEO factors will also increase when you start link building campaigns.

Off-page SEO techniques are 75% responsible for the better ranking of your site, while on-page SEO factors only play a 25% role in the ranking.

Top Link Building Strategies for 2020

Many old and outdated link building strategies are still being used by a lot of marketers and SEO experts, but you are not going to benefits from those tactics in the long run. If you want legit work, you need to work on things that actually work. Here, we are going to focus on top link building strategies that actually work in 2020.

1. Guest Posting

This is the most legit link building strategy that delivers the best results for sustainable ranking. You might have already heard about this link building strategy, and if you have not, you need to pay attention to this method. This backlink strategy is easy to understand, but getting a backlink from authority sites requires some hard work. You will have to offer them quality content so they can allow your guest to post on their sites or blogs.

You will have to choose authority websites that are the same as your niche, and you will ask them to allow you to post your article. Once they agree, you will be able to post your article on their site. Guest posting for backlinks can be free or paid.

If you want to follow guest posting for backlinks, here are some simple steps that you will have to follow in order to build links from authority sites:


The first step is to find the relevant websites that accept free or paid guest posting. Not all the websites will allow your links, so find the ones that meet your requirements. You can find the websites by applying some advanced keywords plus operators:

  • Keyword + “My Guest Posts.”
  • Keyword + “Submit Blog Post.”
  • Keyword + “Write for Us.”
  • Keyword + “This guest post was written”

These are just a few ideas to find the sites, and there are many other queries that you can use to find more blogs and websites.

Qualify the Prospects

Now, the next step is to write for those sites. Make sure that you are investing your time and efforts in sites that can return you enough traffic. You can use different tools to check if the websites are getting enough traffic. If you see that some site has the potential to be a strong website, you can consider that site for backlinks.

Reach out to Prospects

Once you are all set to write the guest post, don’t copy-paste or just rewrite some random articles. If you want to gain real-time traffic and benefits from guest posting for backlinks, make sure that you offer something unique that can motivate your readers to check your site.

2. Link Reclamation

You may not have noticed, but some people on the internet must be talking about your brand or products. Most of the users or product consumers like to mention the brand or the company. If you own a blog or brand, you can search for the brand mentions.

If some users are mentioning your name, you can write to them a thank you email and ask them to add your product or blog link. It will allow the other users to access your brand or product with a direct link.

3. Use Existing Contacts

If you are running a product brand, many other people are also involved with your brand, like suppliers, retailers, transporter, or any other similar factors. You can ask them to mention your profile link in their sites or anywhere else possible. These backlinks may not bring you millions of views but can add a lot to the website authority.

4. Resource Page Link

There are many sites that share useful resources and links to different resources. These sites mention top resources for every niche, so if you can find such a platform, make sure to have your website listed on that platform.

SEO link building flat isometric vector concept. Concept of SEO and digital marketing.

You will have to search for these resources by using different relevant queries. Here are some top examples of finding useful resource links and websites:

  • Keyword + + “helpful links”
  • Keyword + + “useful links”
  • Keyword + favorite links
  • Keyword + favorite sites

5. Link Bait Content

When it comes to clickbait, you are not supposed to promote fraud or Ponzi schemes. The term refers to creating content that can attract readers. This may involve using extremely attractive lines as the top titles. If you can successfully create attractive titles, your content or article can go viral. One viral article can generate thousands of new visitors and several backlinks.

If you want to create viral content, make sure that you are addressing the public and show your kind side for the readers. When they feel your content as personalized content, they end up sharing more and more.

6. Competitor Research

Your competitors are your best teachers. You can analyze the link building strategy of any famous site from your niche to reverse engineer their links. You can use Ahref to analyze the site of any other competitor for the backlink analysis.

7. Follow Recent News and Trends

You need to stay up to date recent news and updates from all over the world. For this purpose, you can use Google Trends and many other tools to find the hottest topics among different platforms. Choose any topic that is the main attention of the readers and create content with a different approach. As soon as you start writing about that topic, other bloggers will also write about your topic. This way, you will be able to get some backlinks from the relevant blogs and sites,

8. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the oldest backlink strategies and this link building technique may not get you direct backlinks, but you will definitely end up strengthening your relationships with fellow bloggers. In the future, you will be on their radar, and you can get the opportunity to use their site to get some backlinks.

9. Testimonial Links

If you are using different services and tools for your site, you can use them for a backlink strategy. If you have used their product or service, you can write an honest review of the product or service. Don’t do it for the sake of links only. If you have not used the product or don’t know enough about the product, trying this technique may not get you the desired results.

10.Broken Link Building

Instead of wasting your time with the permissions, you can use a broken link building strategy to get some urgent backlinks for your site. In another way, you will be helping the site to have their issue solved. You can use different tools to search for broken links. Once you have detected the broken links, you can ask the site owner to have your site’s link added as a replacement. It will not only help them to have their site linked to the relevant information, but you will also get a backlink.

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