Top 10 Competitive Intelligence Tools to Use in 2020

Marketers and SEO experts are always pushed to outrank their competitors. But how are they supposed to know the exact factors that can help them beat their competition? Are there any tools that businesses can use to analyze the performance of his business in comparison with the competitors?

 Knowing your competitors is the backbone of your marketing campaigns, and with competitive intelligence tools, you can leverage the technologies to direct your business in the right direction. If you want to make a strong online presence, make sure that you are offering something that other businesses did not find as important.

Why are Competitive Intelligence Tools Important?

For every keyword and query, millions of search results appear, and being at the top of search results is the dream of every business. But to reach this position, you will have to:

  • Offer better quality content
  • Provide value to the readers
  • Beat the competition with a unique approach
  • Follow the market trends
  • Ensure the authority backlinks from the relevant sites

When you have access to all of these matrices, you can find your competitors and how they are doing things differently. For all of these goals, competitive analysis tools offer an intelligent approach to studying, analyzing, and outranking your business competitors.

Best Competitive Intelligence Tools

As you are all set to beat the competition with better keywords and trending topics, how will you choose the best competitive intelligence tool? There are so many competitive intelligence tools that you will find it hard to choose the best one.

As always, Ad-Specto has your back and we have spent enough time on searching the best competitive intelligence tools that you must use in 2020 for better analysis.

1. SEMrush Traffic Analytics

Except for SEMrush, it is hard to find a competitive intelligence tool that covers every aspect of competitive analysis. There are several great tools on this list that offer a unique approach of different factors, but SEMrush did an amazing job focusing on every single feature of the competitor analysis.

See what’s making a real difference

SEMrush Traffic Analytics allows users to compare their site with competitors and compare different sites against each other. In a single click, you will be able to analyze and compare the stats of any given site.

Learn more about pay per click campaigns

You can easily reveal the PPC strategy of your competitor as you can see which keywords are being targeted by other sites and how they are paying for any specific keyword. All the important stats are visually viewed for users like traffic sources, bounce rate, traffic by location, and other important factors.

Try SEMrush for your business

We have experimented with many other competitive intelligence tools, but SEMrush outperformed all other tools in terms of finding the best keywords, researching the hottest topics, and analyzing the competitors. If you are ready to take your marketing one step forward, try SEMRush for your business in 2020.

2. SimilarWeb

Do you know about Google Keyword Planner? Yes, you can use Google Keyword Planner for your site, SimilarWeb does the same job for the competitor’s site as well. It is the most used tool by marketers and business owners to analyze the traffic stats. SimilarWeb supports your marketing campaigns at every step by analyzing the trending topics in your niche and exposing their strategies.

Apart from your site performance, you can also study your competitor’s site to see what points you need to focus on to rank better. With these stats, you can see what factors you lack.

With strong audience insights, you can see what kind of traffic your site is getting and how your competitors are doing better for a specific audience. These stats can give you a better understanding of the audience and what kind of content you should target to get more engagement and traffic.

You can also analyze the conversion and how your marketing funnels are working. These stats are incredibly valuable for any marketer or a business owner.

3. Sprout Social

Sport Social gives you the most detailed insights when you need to analyze the audience engagement based on different audience segments. For social media listening, most marketers prefer Sports Social over other competitive intelligence tools. You can identify the best-performing posts by your competitors and what kind of traffic they are getting.

Analyze competitor’s content strategies

Most businesses fail at crafting intelligent content strategies. You can break down the overall content strategy of different competitors in different sections, like the number of posts which get more traffic for example.

Is Sprout Social the best Competitive Intelligence tool?

No doubt, Sprout Social is the best tool for social media listening, but it does not do an outstanding job in terms of full-site analysis. If you are looking for complete site competitive analysis, Sprout Social is not the best competitive intelligence tool. But for social media listening, Sprout Social seems to be leading the best competitive intelligence tools.

4. Wappalyzer

Honestly speaking, Wappalyzer offers very limited functionality as it only supports a few major functions, but if you want accuracy and results, Wappalyzer is the best competitive intelligence tool for your business.

When you need to know what development technologies your competitors are using, this add-on can breakdown the whole backend into different categories.

How Wappalyzer is Helpful

When you see many blogs with a specific extension or tool which are performing better, you can also implement that tool or extension for your business website.

5. Owletter

Email marketing is an important part of business growth strategies, and many businesses are mainly focusing on their email efforts only. If you want to see what your competitors are offering currently, you can use this tool to analyze their existing sales, new products, and subjects of their emails.

Don’t solely rely on the results of this competitive intelligence tool as the same strategy may not work for your business, but having this information can be very helpful.

6. Moz

For every marketer, Moz plays a major role in the marketing toolkit. As compared to other competitive intelligence tools, the features of Moz are way better and effective. No other tool offers domain authority analysis, ranking, and traffic and position stats in the same package.

This competitive intelligence tool is highly cherished not only by individuals but by professional marketers and agencies as well.

You can run an in-depth analysis to know more about your site and your competitor’s site when you know where you need to make improvements and where other sites are outperforming your site.

Backlink Analysis

You can use Moz for backlink analysis. With knowledge of authority sites, you will have clear guidelines about crafting a perfect backlink strategy for the next campaign.

Every feature and tool of Moz is focused on adding value to your site insights on how you can beat the competition with more effective tactics and strategies.

7. Gartner

This competitive intelligence tool is specifically designed to meet the marketing needs of enterprises. From smart suggestions to accurate stats, Gartner can offer you a clear ground to stand on. High-quality analysis and results are quite useful for small-medium businesses and enterprises.

Marketing experts and sales leaders prefer using Gartner to land more clients for business growth. You are advised not to rely on these results only, using more than one tool is always recommended.

8. Alexa

Do you want to know the rank of your site in your area? Are you interested in knowing where do you stand in global site ranking? Well, Alexa is an amazing completive intelligence tool that can give you clear insights about your local and global ranking.

You can use the official tool or light Alexa Chrome extension to get every detail on your fingertips. Given factors can be easily evaluated with Alexa:

  • Bounce rate
  • Website traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Global and local ranking

Even for the keyword analysis, Alexa takes the liberty to explore the possible opportunities for generating new keyword ideas and suggestions. This is overall, an excellent competitive intelligence tool with a wide view of your targeted audience.

9. Google Alerts

Like any other Google product, this competitive intelligence tool is also meant for every user. No matter what your goal is, having smart tools for competitor analysis is always a good choice. This tool is free of cost, so you don’t need to worry about paying a lot of money for a single tool.

You will be notified as soon as people around you start searching for a specific tool. From competitors site audit to finding the best link building strategies, Google Alerts can do it all.

10. BuzzSumo

When you understand your audience, you are one step closer to success. Your visitors want to read personalized content, and BuzzSumo gives you the freedom to explore possible ideas for your audience.

BuzzSumo can be an expensive pick for your business if you want to use all of the tools’ premium features. This social media marketing tool allows you to analyze the content that top influencers share on their profiles. This tool can help you with top trends in social media if you want to get content ideas about any specific niche.

From average content length to analyzing the advanced and complicated aspect of content marketing, BuzzSumo can be a good competitive intelligence tool for your business.

Written by Usama Arbakan

I am a big fan of the digitization of businesses and have been helping bloggers and startup owners with business marketing for the last 4 years. My educational background includes Bachelor's in Commuter Science Degree and several diplomas in marketing and writing. Currently, a part-time blog writer at Ad Specto.

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