5 Productivity Apps Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Must Have!

The Ultimate Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
The Ultimate Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Productivity apps are very important for entrepreneurs and business owners, so read along to understand what app will help you become more productive.

Apps may not seem great enough to make a major impact on your everyday operations, but you can always find an app that solves all your problems life will seem much easier and hassle-free, allowing you to work smarter and not harder.

Ad Specto’s Ultimate Productivity Apps

The apps which we have compiled for you are the best options you can download on your smartphone straight to your desktop, some are also available as web apps and you can use from your browser, but we recommend downloading their native PC or Mac apps for full productivity.


CloudApp is one of the best productivity apps as it works very efficiently and effectively in all aspects of screen capturing and recording.

It maximizes team communications and the effectiveness of any communication in general, but it is great for business. It simplifies visual communication which is very important for teams that communicate and need clear and quick information right away.

You can also take screenshots and make annotations, you can create screen recordings to share with your team, notes, and comments can also be made onto other captures by other team members and download directly straight from the cloud and share it.

The app will boost your productivity by saving you effort and time of typing out emails or scheduling calls to explain any edits you need to do to a project by powering you with the tools and sharing capabilities to communicate with videos, recordings, and screenshots.

Prices are also very accessible, but you need to try for yourself to see what it can do to optimize your business communication.


Using a VPN is pretty important, especially when you are not dealing with your personal information but customers as well. Using a VPN is vital, and ProtonVPN is the best VPN service we have used so far- it routes your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel allowing your confidential information to stay safe.

But what makes them different from others VPN providers is that they are based in Switzerland. This is ideal because Switzerland has the world’s best privacy laws which protect data even further.

ProtonVPN also offers a free version of their VPN service which is subsidized by the paid users, making it one of the best productivity apps. Their free plan is great because it does not have much of a difference from the premium plan, as it still safeguards your information, it just lacks some of the premium features.

This is a great app that we highly recommend as it is ideal for eCommerce businesses, due to its simplicity and cost-effective way to take action on protecting sensitive information and data which is not only your but one of your customers as well.


Another great productivity app that we have for you is Bear- it is a note-taking app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, which does a lot more than you think. Writing documents, taking notes, creating captions, and jotting to-do lists are still a big part of entrepreneurs’ everyday tasks.

The app gives you the right tools to write beautifully on your device, and it allows you to manage your notes your way. It is flexible, making it ideal for almost every person no matter where and how you want to make notes.

You can use hashtags in Bear to organize your notes, for easy reference you can link bodies of work to one another, write without getting distracted in focus-mode, and create full-blown essays or simple to-do list.

It is a great app you can use for your business because no matter how you write or what your needs are, it never disappoints with all the features it has available. There is an extensive list of features available that beat the competition for sure, and the pricing model is accessible for all entrepreneurs at any price point.

Product Hunt Toolbar Widget

As a business owner, whether you are an entrepreneur or eCommerce business owner- it is important that you stay up-to-date with new innovations in the industry. From new products, tools, apps, and services, one must always be aware of what can help their business grow and run better.

The app highlights the best new apps, products, and resources every single day- making their product hunt toolbar widget a top recommendation on this list of productivity apps.

The toolbar makes it really easy and fast for one to find what the latest products and resources are, without taking up too much of your time. You can install the app into your toolbar and start checking what they find every day.


If you need smart spreadsheets, which will change your business and productivity for the better- Airtable is the right app for you. It is the ultimate sharing, planning, scheduling, and collaboration tool that makes spreadsheets look into works of art.

There are smart features available like checkboxes, single and multiple selection options, date and time optimizations, currency functions, URL linking, attachment dropboxes, image storing, etc. You can create multiple tabs in each Airtable base and inter-connect tabs to one another for easy access to information while you navigate.

The app also offers calendar views and kanban view functions, plus users can share Airtable bases with others and embed them into pages. The capabilities of Airtable are really productive and it has really powerful features and tools, which become a necessity for your business.

Manage your content strategy with Airtable to get a glimpse into the capabilities of Airtable spreadsheets.

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