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How To Market On Instagram And Grow Your Account In 2020

Both Facebook and Instagram have become undeniable parts of businesses that want to increase their social presence. They are clearly the leaders in social platforms, and if you want you brand to be recognized, nowadays you must maintain these accounts and post content frequently.

In this article we are going to discuss several steps you should consider making if you want to be successful with Instagram marketing in 2020.

How To Market On Instagram In 12 Easy Steps

1. Optimize Your Instagram Account.

The three things people look at before deciding whether to follow an account or not are the biography, the profile picture and the link in bio. If you manage to get those three things right, and have a compelling biography, then you increase your chances of having new followers significantly.

Make sure to do some surveying and perhaps reach out to some of your followers – ask them what they think about your current bio, or you profile picture. Get some feedback, because you can’t always rely on your own opinion.

2. Follow Industry Relevant Accounts.

This step is quite important if you are just gaining followers. If you start interacting with your industry leaders in social networks, there’s a big chance that they might respond or even follow you back, which could grant you immediate exposure to an already interested audience.

Just make sure to like their posts, occasionally post relevant comments, and make sure you don’t present yourself as a spammer, because this could also outcast you.

3. Find Popular Hashtags  In Your Industry.

There are millions of people on Instagram who search by content using hashtags. Instagram even added the ability for users to follow specific hashtag, so it can show people the most trending posts on that specific topic.

That’s an amazing opportunity for you, and that’s why you should always use hashtags bellow your posts. Just make sure these hashtags aren’t #trending #populartags, etc.. For example, if you are posting about dropshipping, use hashtags like #shopify #dropshipping. The goal is to reach the right people, and not as many people as possible. Also, don’t overdo it with the hashtags. 10-12 are totally enough for a single post.

4. Get Shout Outs From Others.

Perhaps the best way to get more exposure would be to get a shout-out from an account in your industry/niche. Make a list of relevant accounts, and start reaching out to them politely and nicely. Introduce yourself, state why your content matters, and they might even do a shout-out for free.

In case you’d have to pay, consider if that’s worth it. However, if you are just starting, in most cases it would be worth it to invest some initial capital into building your audience.

5. Share Your Posts On Instagram Regularly.

Instagram is not only for sharing photos. People on there are also looking for interesting content to see. One option is to set your website up to have a landing page specially for instagram, and a bio link that leads to it. That page could be a collection of posts you have on your Instagram, which lead to an article or video each on their own.

That’s a technique used by many big Instagram accounts and it has been gaining popularity in recent years.

6. Use Hashtags In The Comment Section. 

Posting a ton of hashtags could sometimes give your followers the indication of reach desperation. That’s why it might be good to consider posting your hashtags as a comment after you have already posted your picture. The impact on outreach would remain the same, but your description would look significantly better.

7. Run Instagram Contests.

Do some contests or giveaways with the condition that people share your posts or profile. It’s quite easy to do that. You just need to find a product or something that the people who are following your niche would be interested in.

Of course, any type of contest would be possible after you have gained some mass of followers, but it is doable with any follower count above 2,000-3,000 if what you have prepared as a prize is good enough.

You could also set up an email collection funnel, which could be monetized even easier.

8. Tell Your Followers To Like Your Content.

A simple idea that works – “Tap if you agree.” Do that and you will have a significant increase in post likes. Of course, that can only be used in certain post types, but it provides you with an engaging and communicative activity for your followers.

In the long term, it could help you build a connection with them, especially if you are posting things that are relevant to them.

9. Build Relationships With Other Influential Accounts. 

If your content is already useful and people are enjoying it, why not propose collaboration with some other account in your niche that has bigger following. Sometimes all it takes would be for them to like your content personally and decide you are worthy of their promotion. Focus on building relationships in the industry, because, as you grow, many opportunities might come up.

10. Comment On Photos From Other Accounts.

Do regular commenting on relevant to your niche posts from other accounts. However, make sure that with your comments you are either being very clever and funny, or you are providing great value, because no one would appreciate you if you just go around spamming “check out my page please”.

11. Use Instagram Stories On The Regular.

Instagram Stories have surpassed Snapchat a long time ago, and have turned into a great opportunity to engage with your audience on a regular basis without spamming their feed with irrelevant post.

They provide you with a huge variety of options such as posting polls, sharing videos, music and much more. Make sure to take advantage of this and post regularly in order to keep your followers engaged with your account.

12. Use Both Images & Video Content. 

It’s important that you mix those two post types in order to get the maximum out of your Instagram account, because there are different types of people that are seeking different types of post. It is important you serve content for everyone, even though video has proven to have higher engagement rates.


As Instagram continues to grow as a significant player in the marketing world, brands are beginning to take notice. If you have yet to begin leveraging Instagram, there’s never been a better time to start!

Written by Asen Levov

I am a startup founder with years of experience in web development and digital marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2015, primarily performance. Started Ad Specto to share my story and my knowledge with the world. Founder @SketchCoWorking @AdSpecto

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