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How To Get Views on YouTube (2021)

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get more views on YouTube in 2021, by including exact examples of how to achieve a higher rating per month.

How to get views on Youtube with BOGY Thumbnails in 2021?

The video thumbnail is pretty big and according to YouTube, 9 out of 10 videos use a custom thumbnail. They also state that thumbnails are the first thing that viewers see when they find one of your videos.

It is important though to create thumbnails that are intriguing and different, ones that stand out.

What are Bogy Thumbnails?

They are ones that use four colors:


You probably wonder how is this important today – they definitely stand out when the entire YouTube website is mainly red, black, and white.

If your video also uses the same mainstream colors as YouTube, it will blend in and we do not want that.

BOGY Thumbnails - Orange thumbnail standing out
BOGY Thumbnails – Orange thumbnail standing out (example)

Bogy thumbnails allow you to stand out if you are wondering how to get famous on YouTube.

Standing out on YouTube makes viewers feel intrigued and they want to click on your video and watch it.

Every YouTuber decides to use his own color, but it is great to be consistent with one and use it for branding purposes as it will help your videos stand out. You can use any color you like, but red, white and black in your thumbnail will look mainstream.

Proven Video Description Template

YouTube has stated that the descriptions of your video allow the algorithm of the platform to know what your video is actually about. A great description template consists of:

  • Strong intro: 2-3 sentences;
  • Detailed outline: around 150 words;
  • Links to website & social media pages, groups, and/or profiles.

Your intro is very important as it describes your video.

You want to specifically include your target keyword once in the first 2 sentences.

This method is key as keywords in the early stage of your description have more weight according to the YouTube algorithm. So always remember to include your target keyword in the beginning.

The first few lines of your description appear in the search list of YouTube, so you want to sell your video. With an appealing snippet, there is a way bigger chance for viewers to click on your video.

Killer YouTube Description Template

3-4 sentences intro about the video and the topic

1-2 sentences about how the video will help the viewer and what the benefits will be for him after watching it.


0:41 – Timestamp #1: Important part #1.
2:58 – Timestamp #2: Important part #2.
5:18 – Timestamp #3: Important part #3.
6:57 – Timestamp #4: Important part #4.

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Example for a killer youtube video description

Your 150 word online is what viewers will learn from your video. Going into details is great, so do not be scared to share more, but do not go over 150-200 as no one really goes on YouTube to simply read your description. It is key to use keywords that will help you rank in the category you want to.

Description links are to send viewers to your site and social media channels.

If you are active on Instagram, include your profile link and do not feel shy to add other profiles too.

A great way to get more subscribers is by adding a call-to-action to subscribe as well.

Playlist Layouts

Most people include a lot of playlists on their channel page which is smart and there is a way to get even more people to watch them.

By alternating vertical and horizontal playlist layouts.

If you are only using one layout, this will not help your playlists stand out from each other and that is not what we are aiming for.

Go to your channel page to change your layouts and click “Customize channel” to make your playlists look more intriguing and memorable.

Alternate between vertical lists and horizontal rows for an effective result.

YouTube playlist layout - vertical lists
Vertical layout for your YouTube playlists.

Boosting Video Title CTR

A huge part of how to get views on YouTube in 2021 is the title and YouTube’s internal data has confirmed that titles can make or break videos.

You need to add parentheses and brackets at the end of your title to get a lot of clicks.

Adding brackets really increase clicks on your videos.

Adding brackets really increase clicks on your videos.
Adding brackets really increase clicks on your videos.

Another great trick is to use a number in your title. Whether it is the number of tips you will cover or the current year, any type of number which makes sense is great.

It is also ideal to use 40-50 characters in your titles as it helps you rank your video much higher in comparison to having over 50 characters.

How to get views on Youtube With Suggested Videos?

Successful channels receive much higher views due to Suggested Video – these are related videos that are promoted by YouTube next to the current video you are watching.

They bring much more views than the search option.

You can achieve this by using the same tags as your competitors.

If your video matches a popular video’s tags, there is a very high chance of you landing in the Suggested Videos column next to it.

Since YouTube removed the option to see your competitor’s video tags back in 2012, you won’t be able to see your competitor’s tags.

Luckily, we at Ad Specto are very familiar with YouTube marketing and video optimization, therefore we highly recommend using the “Tags for YouTube” Chrome extension (it’s free!).

This extension can show you your competitor’s video tags and you can use them in your video to achieve standing next in line for “Suggested video”.

MVC Formula in Video Tags

Tags are vital when it comes to getting views video SEO and that’s because they are used by YouTube to understand your topic.

YouTube video tags are also connected with rankings and to get it right you need to use the MVC formula – Main keyword, Variations, and Category.

Using keywords as your initial tags is the game changer and you need to have a couple of variations in your keywords of that main keyword.

Including tags of the main category help YouTube understand your topic and category so you should definitely use them.

Google Search Rankings

This technique can answer your question on how to get views on YouTube than you currently have.

There is no direct correlation always with top ranking on YouTube, automatically ranking you on Google as well.

To achieve this you need to say your keyword out loud in your video at least several times.

Saying your keyword or keyphrase in the first seconds of your video is a must!

Moreover, uploading a transcript of your video to YouTube will allow Google to understand your content in your video.

Optimizing Videos for Subscribes, Likes and Comments

The number of views you have is important to the YouTube algorithm, but engagement is the other game-changer.

There is a great connection between ranking on YouTube and the engagement of users.

Subscribes, likes, and comments correlate with rankings in YouTube search.

Always ask viewers to engage with your content in your video.

It might sound obvious, but it really does make a difference.


We hope that this answers your question on how to get more views on YouTube in 2021.

After you optimize your YouTube channel and videos, its time to monetize your channel.

Curious about how to monetize your YouTube channel – read our article on 7 proven ways to make money on Youtube in 2021!

YouTuber asking his viewers to engage with his video - like, share & comment.
YouTuber asking his viewers to engage with his video – like, share & comment.

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