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How to Create a Compelling Instagram Bio & Author Bio

Learning how to create Instagram bio is just as important as your website and Facebook page. It represents your business/brand in the best possible light as it attracts new customers.

A major part of the modern-day business marketing strategy is measuring your Instagram growth.

Captions and beautiful imagery aid your business as they are Instagram marketing tactics, which build relationships with your customers and followers but Instagram Bio also comes into play.

Below we have compiled important information for all entrepreneurs, authors, merchants, businesses, etc. who want a solid Instagram Bio but are not sure how to create a Instagram bio!

But don’t worry, we have got you covered and once you read our article, you will become the Instagram bio expert, which you have always dreamed of becoming!

Instagram Bio 101

If you have not heard yet, Instagram has over 1 billion users… Yes! 1 Billion! So it is extremely important to build a unique presence and attract as many followers as possible.

That way you will enhance your business and develop better customer relationships through your social media presence.

Instagram demographics are very broad, but there is a slightly higher percentage of female users, so if your business is oriented more, towards the female audience, then this is the right platform for you.

Elevator pitch is also present on Instagram, as users will not waste a long period of time to read your Instagram Bio and scroll through your pictures – you want your profile to grab users’ attention right away and be convincing enough for them to follow you.

And definitely do not think that building an Instagram following is easy, it is really hard nowadays with an extremely large number of profiles, and especially to build an audience that is long-lasting.

Below we have the needed tips and tricks which you need to know how to create Instagram bio which not only stands out but will impress your followers.

How to create Instagram bio

Not Sure what an Instagram Bio is?

If you live on another planet, or under a rock, do not worry (or maybe you should be worried) because we will explain to you step by step what Instagram Bios is all about.

An Instagram Bio is the first thing users see when opening your profile.

Your profile picture could also be first, but the bio is what explains to your users what you are all about and it really is the breaking point when users decide to follow you or not.

Do not underestimate Instagram Bio’s even though they are only a line or two because it is definitely a lot more than an afterthought.

The Instagram Bio sits right below your name/company name and it is positioned perfectly as it allows you to share vital information about you or your business, striking users directly with the needed information they need to know about you.

From who you are to what you do, a savvy summary of your brand’s purpose, or what exactly you are selling is all about Instagram bio examples.

Some profiles add contact information in this section so that users can get in touch with you. Or you can use emojis and hashtags to boost visibility in order to attract the target audience you need.

The main rule is to be clear about what results you expect to achieve from your Instagram Bio. Your bio equals your brand style/ company image, so be creative and cautious before writing your bio.

If you are a vegan brand, selling plant-based products, you definitely do not want meat emojis in your Bio or hashtags which attract meat supporters (cringe).

You have 150 characters, one external link, and 30 characters in your username to make this baby attract the most followers you could ever dream of and grow your business into a printing press!

A Successful Instagram Bio:

  • Is easy for users to contact you
  • Has a unique selling point with essential information
  • Presents your business, idea, personality, brand, etc. in the best possible way and it completely matches your style and tone which is synchronized with the rest of your social media platforms.
  • Shares valuable information and has activities that promote target audience engagement- registering for an in-store event, brand testing, clicking on a link which directs the user to your store, etc.
How to create Instagram bio - Amazon example
Amazon’s Instagram profile

How to Make it Work?

When you create Instagram bio, you need to keep those things in mind:


You need to know who are your customers, where they are based, their age, income bracket, employment, leisure pursuits, eye color, hair length… okay not every single detail of their lives but you get the picture!

The more you know the better!

If you target your audience correctly in your Instagram bio, there is a much higher chance of you positioning yourself and resonating with your followers to who you want to sell your products or services.

Always tailor your language and tone towards your audience, think about what language and symbols you will use.

When creating your bio, keep in mind who will read it and make sure it is appropriate for your target audience.

Great Instagram bio examples are ones who will best describe your brand- start brainstorming different options by writing down keywords that resonate with your brand image.

You do not have to be formal on Instagram, the more you connect with the audience, the better and that could be using a personal touch and style.

The key is to be original so you can stand out from the other 1 billion users!

How To Create Instagram Bio


Your profile starts with your name, so whether it is your profile or you are using it to represent your business, name it accordingly.

Your username is important because this is how users will find you, so do not write down long or inappropriate names with odd spelling which cannot be remembered or associated easily.

A great tip is applying SEO methods by adding keywords in your Instagram bio so you can rank higher in the search engine results when users type in Google for accounts with your related keywords.

This will allow your profile to be positioned higher in results.

The most important key tip to remember – less is more on Instagram as you have only 30 characters to write in your Instagram bio.

Instagram Description

Think about your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and what you are good at, what you specialize in, or what makes you famous.

This is a must-do when you create Instagram bio!

It is important to tell viewers who visit your profile who you are and what you do. Do not allow them to play any guessing games, because no one has time for that. Be smart and think about what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Also, consider what is the key factor that makes your brand better than your competitors.

Why should your followers engage with you?

To achieve an interesting description, you need to make it fun, without using any dull or mainstream examples. Emojis and good humor are always welcome.


Do not solely rely on your diction, a great tool like LingoJam can help you reach good results with fancy fonts which you can copy-paste on your Instagram bio.

Circling back to emojis is a cute personal touch, which adds color and personality to your profile.

Another helpful tool is CoolSymbol which uses symbols to direct followers in completing the required actions you would want them to, like clicking a link to your website.

Again you can select a symbol and paste it into your Instagram bio.


If you think that Instagram bios are the key to success, you are not entirely right because there is another game changer called hashtags.

They allow users to find your profile! Yes, they are that cool! But do not think it is like a GPS system which leads to great success rates, but still, they are pretty cool.

You can check out what your competitors are using in their hashtag selection and make sure to tag along.

Relevance is key! Do not write #realfur in your vegan profile, please…

Here are some great outlets to find those money-making hashtags:

How to create Instagram bio
Hashtags – one of the keys to successful Instagram profile

Best Hashtag Practices for Instagram Bios

Here is a list of what you have to do when using hashtags because things can get a little wild with these old friends and we want to make sure you look professional:

  • Do not use random hashtags! Please! #LikeForLike & #FollowForFollow is 2000 and late…
  • Be strategic and use hashtags that you have received the most likes with. If you can spot a trend with which hashtags are most successful, add them to your bio.
  • Over-hashtagging equals over-spamming: users do not like too many hashtags, especially when they are random!
  • Be specific- the more accurate your hashtag is, the more followers you will attract, who will actually engage with your content. You can make a planner with all the strategic hashtags you are planning to use in your marketing calendar.
  • Research by TrackMaven suggests that posts with 9 hashtags get the most engagement. You do not always have to follow this number, but it never hurts trying.

Hashtag Holidays

There are national holidays that are great to use under your posts, like #NationalFriendshipDay or #NationalCakeDay – follow these trends and by posting content with these hashtags you can increase engagement on your profile.

But being authentic is key, if you have a cake shop, take a picture of a beautiful cake which you have made to use the #NationalCakeDay hashtag, do not post a random cake picture.

Brand Your Instagram Bio Hashtags

Branded hashtags are unique for your business or product, they are great to add to your Instagram bio as well, not only under posts.

There are a lot of examples out there and each branded hashtag is unique so do not copy larger corporations or competitors as you will not stand out.

Choose your unique selling point and turn it into your very own branded hashtag which should be present under all your posts and Instagram bio.

List Your Interests

Other great Instagram bio examples include connecting with your audience right away by intriguing them to read your bio.

You can achieve this by including your interests and passions.

Some people write the names of the companies they work for or describe briefly the purpose of their businesses in their bio, but you can also add your passion in the link section and post something which you resonate with.

It can be a charity, your favourite blog, the ultimate sports team. Use your imagination.

By listing your passions you can connect with other users who share the same or similar interests.

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