How to Build Backlinks: 10 Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Store

Do you want to know how to get backlinks for your store? Do you want your store to appear on the top of search results? Well, you need to start backlinks building right now as 2020 is the age of digital marketing. SEO strategy is almost incomplete without quality backlinks, and you need to put your efforts into building backlinks.

Organic traffic is essential for the growth of your store; backlink building is the best SEO strategy.

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Backlinks for Stores

For Shopify or other eCommerce stores, stores need to build links with your store. It is just like the socializing of your eCommerce stores. Creating backlinks for the store can be a tricky part, so you need to be pretty conscious about which website you need to choose for backlinks.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Like professional link building, you connect your store or websites with other relevant and high authority stores or blogs. Backlink in SEO is a particular incoming link from other authority sites that connects both sites in such a way that Google starts ranking both sites.

Just imagine if we want to create a backlink for the Shopify store, add the URL of the Shopify store for the word “Shopify.”

When someone clicks on “Shopify,” the user will be redirected to the Shopify store.

Why do you need to Get Backlinks for your store?

Search engines love quality backlinks. The quality of backlinks means that authority websites are vouching for your site. Just imagine if you have quality backlinks from CNN, it means that CNN is recommending its viewers to visit your site. More quality backlinks mean better ranking in the search engine. During the process of backlinks building, different websites pass link juice, which helps them get higher ranking in search engines.

In short, if your goal is to improve your SEO ranking, you need to invest in backlinks building. It will not only drive more traffic to your site but will also help to generate more sales. More traffic and sales from the Shopify store will eventually lead to better ranking.

What are DOFOLLOW and NOFOLLOW Backlinks?

Most business owners and beginner marketers get confused at this stage. Choosing the right type of SEO backlinks is also important.

Nofollow Backlinks

These backlinks are used to direct the readers to the source of information but don’t help in ranking. Google or other search engines won’t consider Nofollow backlinks as a vote of confidence. It means that Nofollow backlinks can be used for research purposes, but they don’t help the site’s ranking.

Dofollow Backlinks

When some sites get Dofollow backlinks from any site, it means the authority site is vouching for the recipient. Dofollow backlinks are the actual links that help the sites to get better ranking. If you want to know how to get backlinks, the upcoming methods are extremely easy yet effective.

How to get Backlinks for your store?

Once you have started your online journey, you need to start building backlinks from authority sites. You must be aware of the fact that backlinks building is the hardest part of SEO for stores. Not all the backlinks resources are free, so you might have to invest some money too.

Here are the top 10 best tips on how to get backlinks for stores:

1. Get Backlinks for your Store from Reddit

Difficult but value-adding backlinks building strategy

Reddit is one of the most used social media platforms globally, but it is slightly different from traditional sites like Facebook and Instagram. If you want to get backlinks from Reddit, you need to be familiar with their platform first. Reddit demands the users not to abuse the platform, and you need to choose the relevant subreddits.

Here are some simple steps on how to get backlinks for store from Reddit:

  • Produce value-adding content for Reddit
  • Find the relevant subreddits that match the nature of your content.
  • Post the content to get upvotes and stay active during the discussion
  • Once your post is ranked with upvotes, edit the content and add the link of your store
  • Your viewers will visit your link to learn more about your content.

2. Get Backlinks for your Store from the Supplier or the Manufacturer

Not a very difficult strategy

No matter what products you are selling on your store, you have some suppliers or manufacturers for that product. You can ask your supplier to add your store to their list of retailers. It will get you an easy backlink, and you can ask for help from the other involved persons in your business circle.

If your manufacturer does not have such kind of pages to offer backlinks, you may not get backlinks. In most of the cases, suppliers refuse to add small retailers or new stores. For easy backlinks, focus on making your store more professional, so the supplier do not hesitate to offer backlinks.

3. Produce Remarkable Content

Effective backlinks building strategy but time taking process

If you want to get generic backlinks from other sites, you need to start creating quality content that other bloggers and store owners find interesting. Once your articles and blogs start ranking due to quality content, other stores look forward to getting backlinks from your site.

Why is it Difficult Strategy?

You are not going to get the results from this strategy in one or two days. You will have to work for months to present your site as a quality site, and then other stores will start liking your store. If you have enough patience to wait for months without any results, this strategy will get lots of backlinks in the long run.

4. Broken Links Backlinks Building for Stores

Easy backlinks building strategy which requires research

You need to do some research for the broken backlinks, and when you find one, you can replace it with your link. The method is simple as you are not only getting backlinks for your site, but you are also helping the site owner fix it.

How to Follow this Strategy?

For getting started with a broken links strategy for backlinking, you need to find the relevant sites as per your niche. You can easily find the relevant sites by simply typing:

  • Your focus keyword+ links
  • Your target keyword+ resources

There are many other ways to extract relevant sites. You can use different tool checkers to find the broken links. Once you are all set with the research part, you need to contact the webmaster in a professional way to add your link to the resource page.

5. Get Backlinks for your Store from Infographics

Visitors love to watch visual content as compared to textual content. You don’t need to quit using the textual data, but adding visual content can increase your engagement to a whole new level. Once you have created detailed infographics for any topic, make the content shareable across different platforms.

How to Create Infographics?

If you don’t have the professional graphic skill, you can hire a professional platform like Fiverr or UpWork. You can also use free tools like or any other tool to create basic graphics. People love to share infographics across social media platforms. You will get hundreds of backlinks from social media and other sites with minimal investment in no time.

6. Guest Posting

If you want to reach a new audience while getting backlinks from authority sites, you need to try guest posting. This backlinks building strategy is an expensive option, but you can get quality backlinks by posting content on other sites.

Why is Guest Posting Expensive?

Many authority websites charge thousands of dollars for one guest post. It means that you will have to pay $1000 for one backlink from sites like CNN and Forbes. The cost of backlinks can vary depending upon the authority of the site. These sites have millions of views on every post, so you are more likely to get huge traffic from their guest posts.

7. Analyze your Competitors

Your competitors are your best teachers, so follow them to craft a perfect backlinks strategy. There are several tools that you can use to expose the backlinks strategy of the competitors. When you know their target websites for the backlinks, you can approach the same websites to get backlinks.

8. Create Internal Links

You can create backlinks from one of your posts to another one. You don’t need to contact other sites as both of the articles will be from your site. For example, if you are writing a detailed article on how to write an effective email, you need to include different tools. If you want to explain any tool in detail, you can hyperlink the other article of your site to that anchor text. This way, you will be connecting two articles from your site with each other. Internal backlinking is also critical for the overall ranking of your store.

9. Write Testimonials

The easiest way for backlinking but as effective

You can write testimonials for different other famous products or stores if you are selling niche-specific products in your store. You will have to be the user of the product. The owner or the manufacturer of the product will ask you to write a detailed product testimonial. You can add your store’s link to the content. This way, you can earn some backlinks for your site from testimonials and reviews.  

10. Interview the Major Name of your Industry

An easy method to get backlinks for store if you have good communication skills

There must be some stores in your niche that are doing great. Is there any influencer related to your products if you are not sure about the stores? The purpose is to seek the top names of the industry that are doing amazing work for the industry.

You can ask the store owners or the influencers for the interview. If they agree, you can interview them. They will share that interview across different platforms or their site too. This way, you will be getting a lot of backlinks with one interview only.

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