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Facebook Marketing Campaign – How To Create? (4 Steps)

How to create a Facebook Marketing Campaign
How to create a Facebook Marketing Campaign

Have you started an online business, or are you thinking about starting such? We highly recommend creating a Facebook marketing campaign!
Learn why & how below!

You must definitely join the 2.43 billion people on Facebook who are looking for fresh content daily.

Facebook is an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of, and very few people actually realize the potential it has. If you have some experience with digital marketing, you have probably run Facebook Ads for a while, but the actual benefits of the platform lie in its page functionality.

Anyone with a business can create their own page, and start marketing their products.

The best thing about Facebook is that it, just like Google, loves good content. If Facebook sees that your audience is engaging with the content you post, it is going to give you free quality traffic and organic reach.

Not to mention the opportunities it has with Groups posting and Marketplaces which can serve as additional revenue streams and sales channels.

Want to learn how to sell on Facebook? Read this article! (3 min. read)

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing has become a crucial part of almost every single business, whether it’s an online or an offline one. Essentially, it represents your social presence and building brand awareness on social media.

There are two types of Facebook marketing campaigns – organic and paid.

Organic marketing is done when your goal is to grow your Facebook audience without using the Facebook Advertising platform. The most important part of organic Facebook growth is posting relevant content and attempting to solve problems for your audience.

Using the Facebook Advertising platform you would be able to get more reach and build an audience with an extensive amount of tools for targeting to help you access the right target group.

How to create a Facebook Marketing Campaign

Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Page

It is important that you always post from a business Facebook page, and not a personal profile.

Your business page should have as a profile picture the logo of your brand, and your cover photo should either reflect a current marketing campaign (could be also a Facebook Marketing Campaign) or serve as an addition to your branding.

Facebook allows you to fill in an “About” page which can be used to describe your business in more detail, and it is mandatory if you are aiming to develop a successful social presence on the platform.

Step 2: Write Relevant and Frequent Posts

You should post at least three times per week, or if you have the time – a couple of times per day. After all, your goal here is to get as much engagement as possible for your posts, so that Facebook knows your content is good and attempts to promote it for free to people who might be interested. That’s how you would be able to grow your audience organically.

We recommend that you prepare a schedule with topics about posts in advance, so you don’t get stuck in creativity processes when posting more frequently.

Nevertheless, you should also try to be as relevant to the current moment and topic as possible, so that your engagements are actually positive.

Step 3: Take Advantage of Facebook’s Tools

Facebook offers a variety of integrated free functionality that you can use such as automatic scheduling, Click-To-Action buttons, detailed analytics, pinning important posts, and more.

Facebook also offers multiple places where you can reach out to potential new audiences such as the Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups and etc.

It is always a good idea to join via your business page Groups that are relevant to your business niche, and participate in discussions frequently.

Now, it’s important not to go and spam “Hey, check my new page out“, but rather post relevant and useful content for readers, so they are actually tempted to go to your page and like it if they like what they see.

Step 4: Monitor and Make Adjustments

Facebook Insights offers you detailed analytics on various aspects of your Facebook Page and even about the posts individually.

This could give you a perspective on what posts people engaged most with, and what could work best for you in bringing new audiences.

Written by Asen Levov

I am a startup founder with years of experience in web development and digital marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2015, primarily performance. Started Ad Specto to share my story and my knowledge with the world. Founder @SketchCoWorking @AdSpecto


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