The Best Business Plan Software & Tools of 2021

The Best Business Plan Software 2020
The Best Business Plan Software 2020

There is a lot of work involved when it comes to starting a new business and business plan software and tools will help you a lot. Why?

From brainstorming new ideas, writing business plans, forming business entities, creating a website, building a marketing plan – there are a lot of ideas and steps to follow and create.

A business plan software should help you with:

  • Create business and marketing plans.
  • Get your taxes and accounting in order.
  • Create business forecasts and financial projections.
  • Publish and finalize a professional business plan.

In this article, we have ranked the best software solutions to help take the guesswork out of your planning.

These reviews are based on business features, pricing, team collaboration, integrations, support, etc.

Read along to find out the best business plan software & tools options for your business.

Which Is The Best Business Plan Software?

This is our list of the best business plan software out there to utilize your small business.


This option is suitable for small businesses who are looking for a cost-efficient and easy to use business software planner.

The price starts at $15 per month and it is a platform that helps you track your business progress.

There are more than 500 free and full-length sample business plans for your inspiration and use.

They help you visualize your complete project and it offers step by step assistance through in-built examples.

There is a business plan available for small and new businesses, which allows you to explain business opportunities to your clients.

It also allows you to make changes and updates to the plan at any point in time to keep it accurate.

You can also build financial forecasts and reports, it is an SBA-approved format, team collaboration, and industry benchmarks to understand your competitors.

LivePlan’s automatic financials and presentation features allow you to transform your one-page plan into a detailed business plan.

These financial services provide an estimate of your economic outcomes for the upcoming five years.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Business Model Canvas: Allows you to project your business model on a single page.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Automatically imports your business’ accounting data to create a forecast.
  • Milestone Scheduling: Schedule business-critical tasks and milestones in the LivePlan dashboard.
  • Visual forecasting available for your sales plan.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.
  • 10 plan themes optimized for funding.
  • You can track your business with key metrics like cost and expenses, revenue breakdown, net profit, operating margin, etc.
  • Easy-to-manage permissions and global access enable collaboration.
  • You can work on multiple active plans simultaneously.
  • Bank-level security.

There are three pricing plans available for LivePlan.

All of them include features like automatic financials, 500+ sample plans, forecasting tools, guided plan builder, performance dashboards, etc.

There are no free trials available, but you can get a 60-days money-back guarantee.

  • Annual: $15 per month
  • 6-Months: $18 per month
  • Pay as you go: $20 per month
LivePlan 50% Off Business Plan Software
LivePlan 50% Off Business Plan Software


This business plan software is great for startups and small businesses looking to access a funding platform.

The price starts at $20.75 per month and it is a modern business plan software that provides tools like a guided builder, drag-and-drop templates, automatic financial projections, online fundraising tools, etc.

The guided business plan creator prompts you to answer some questions to build a ready-to-use business plan. It breaks down everything into a step-by-step process to help you write a business plan.

You can also use the drag-and-drop templates to decide what you need to keep or delete from the plan.

You can track all critical finances from Bizplan’s financial command center from a centralized place like salary forecasts, balance sheets, revenue projections, etc.

Tools provided by Bizplan include:

  • Guided courses on funding.
  • Direct access to live experts.
  • Free Access to Bizplan’s online fundraising platform.
  • Visual layouts to add to your business plan.
  • Progress tracker to review your plan and check how close you are to the finish line.
  • Team collaboration tools and control access from anywhere you want.
  • Raise Capital Online: Sign up to for free if you are a startup or small business hunting for an investor.
  • Expert Help: It offers help through 650 expert masterclass videos, self-guided courses, and a pool of over 1,000 how-to guides.
  • Control Access: Allows you to control who can view or comment on your sensitive business information.
  • You can use visual layouts to make your business plan more engaging.
  • The progress tracker allows you to keep track of your tasks.
  • Income statements, balance sheets, break-even analysis, user churn are all available to provide multiple reports.
  • Collaborate by tracking feedbacks in threaded comments.
  • Instantly share your business plan with a simple link.

All three available plans include the Bizplan feature, self-guided courses, 650 masterclass videos, 1,000+ how-to guides, etc:

  • Monthly: $29 per month
  • Annual: $20.75 per month ($249 per year)
  • Lifetime Access: $349 one-time payment

Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro is ideal for small businesses seeking great customization and customer support.

The one-time payment of $99.95 enables small businesses that offer over 500 business plan templates and samples.

It also provides customization options for every page. You can rearrange the outline of the page and add whatever you want.

The templates and samples are present in the preferred format of banks, investors, and SBA-approved lenders.

There are different categories of templates available to help you find a suitable plan- Automotive, Manufacturing, Travel & Transportation, etc.

The software’s sub-product, EasyPlan Wizard, offers step-by-step guidance to help you create your business plan.

You will be asked simple questions, and you will get the assistance of industry experts.

Other features include:

  • Video tutorials and instructions and examples for every topic and table included in your plan.
  • Error check to review growth rates, break-even analysis, etc.
  • Financial spreadsheets.
  • Tools to answer legal queries.
  • Advanced Spreadsheets: it allows you to add unlimited custom sheets or import the data directly from Excel sheets. It also comes with an advanced financial forecasting tool.
  • Plan Settings for Non-Profits: When you select the non-profit option in the Plan Setup, it automatically customizes financial, plan outlines, charts, and instructions for a non-profit organization.
  • Graphic Forecaster Tool: Create visually appealing forecasts with its drag-and-drop graphic Forecaster.

Business Plan Pro allows you to import data directly from QuickBooks. You can also export your business plan to Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint or transform it into a PDF document.

There is also a SecurePlan to help you share your document with collaborators and investors.

  • Its chart editor helps you customize and produce 3-D charts.
  • It offers over 11, 000 industry profiles for inspiration and comparison.
  • Step-by-step guidance through the entire business planning process.
  • You can identify realistic growth rates, manageable cash flow projections, break-even analysis, etc. with automatic number-crunching.
  • More than 500 sample business plans.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee.

The two pricing plans provide step-by-step help and expert guidance, Industry research tools, etc.

The Premier edition allows you to import from Microsoft Excel and offers visual cash planning, custom templates, etc.

Pricing plans:

  • Premier: $159.95 one-time payment
  • Standard: $99.95 one-time payment


The business plan software is best for forecasting and budgeting features in a business plan software.

The price starts at $99 per month and offers business planning software for small and mid-sized businesses and non-profits that aids your budget, plan for the future, and build financial forecasts.

You can use the software to create a detailed analysis in a short period of time.

Also, you can create projections for up to 10 years through an integrated sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

You can integrate QuickBooks, PlanGuru with Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Excel Import to build unlimited business plans.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Budgeting and Financial Analytics- set financial goals and analyze your financial situation to make better decisions.
  • Rolling Forecast- Predict the outcome of your financial decisions based on profitability and cash before you make them.
  • Strategic Planning- Create a long-term business plan for your company based on what-if scenarios, possible risks, and opportunities.
  • PlanGuru can perform forecasting through non-financial data.
  • Financial ratios and business valuation tools are available.
  • In-built financial statement structures.
  • Unlimited budgeting capability to create elaborate plans.
  • In-app reporting tools and dashboards to track your business.
  • Engagement tools for professional accountants.

There are different pricing plans for businesses/non- profits and advisors available, and prices are pretty similar.

You can choose from a cloud-based app or Windows Desktop solution. You get a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Here are the plans available:

  • Monthly: $99 per month & additional users cost $29 per month.
  • Annual: $899 per year & additional users cost $299 per year.

Suitable for small businesses and non-profits to create financial statements.

GoSmallBiz – Business Plan Software

The price starts at $39 per month and helps you build a business plan that aligns precisely with your business.

Not only, that you get the tool (if you purchase it, of course) but also provides a membership/mentorship to the service, which includes other features such as:

  • Unlimited business consultation
  • Website builder;
  • HR document builder;
  • CRM – client resource management
  • Business & legal forms
  • Website consultation analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Online business courses
  • Transaction tracker
  • Corporate minutes writer

It has business-specific planning templates and expert advice to generate the exact documents you need.

It is a step-by-step wizard that helps you build a business plan by filling up business details in multiple segments.

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