Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing (2021)

Traffic sources may not be new to you if you have spent some time in the affiliate marketing field. This post about the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing that can add a lot to your knowledge if you are already an experienced affiliate marketer. You need to learn a lot about famous ad networks for affiliate marketing if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing.

What are Ad Networks?

What are the ad networks and why does an affiliate marketer be aware of top traffic sources for his programs?

The concept of ad networks has always been around the market, but marketers were never so focused on using these networks as compared to the last few years.

Like magazines and newspapers, websites and stores also specify some space for ads from 3rd parties. As it is hard to contact every site manually, you can use ad networks for affiliate marketing. These ad networks connect relevant sites to relevant advertisers. In simple words, these ad networks for affiliate marketing connect both publishers and advertisers. This way, you can attract traffic from those sites for your affiliate product.

Best Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

If you want to generate higher revenues, you need to choose the right traffic sources. Best ad networks for affiliate marketing can bring millions of new visitors to your site or store. When you have so many traffic sources available for affiliate marketing, choosing the perfect one seems like a hectic task.

Here are some best ad networks for affiliate marketing that we have gathered. All of these traffic sources are trusted by millions of publishers and advertisers across the globe.

1.  PropellerAds

Whether you are a new marketer in the filed or have a lot of experience in the market, PropellerAds is one of the best ad networks for affiliate marketing. After Google AdSense, this is the second most famous traffic source for affiliate marketing and other ads. The process of creating and optimizing an ad is really simple and involves no technical knowledge.

Ad Formats: Push, Pop, Native, Interstitial

Bidding Model: CPM, CPV

Minimum Deposit: $100


For affiliate marketers, native ads are critical, and for native ads, MGID is a dedicated ad network. The traffic from this traffic source is not the cheapest, yet you can get quality traffic as compared to many other ad networks. The conversion rates are great if you are running native ad campaigns.

Ad Formats: All kinds of native ads

Bidding Model: CPC

Minimum Deposit: $100

Targeting: GEO, Devices, Browser, Language and Operating systems

3. Adcash

With the advanced targeting features, you get almost every feature and option in this ad network. As compared to other ad networks for affiliate marketing, the targeting options in Adcash are way better. There are 200+ quality publishers on this platform that can give your content worldwide exposure. You can manage your ads and campaigns easily through this platform.

The anti-fraud feature of this ad network for affiliate marketing is a plus, as you don’t need to worry about fake bots and automated clicks. Everything on this platform is legit. On this platform, you are saving and money at the same time.

Ad Formats: Native, Display, Pop, Push, Interstitial

Bidding Model: CPC, CPA Target, CPM

Minimum Deposit: $100

4. RichPush

This ad network for affiliate marketers has 450 million users from all over the world. For push traffic, affiliate marketers prefer RichPush. The main traffic for their ads is from the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and India. The use of machine learning in campaign management allows marketers to optimize CPC. You can optimize your ads manually for the best results.

Every advertiser on this platform is assigned a personal account manager that can help you to get the best results out of this ad network for affiliate marketers.

Ad Formats: Push

Bidding Model: CPC, CPM

Minimum Deposit: $100

5. Clickadu

In case native ads are not working for your affiliate program, you need to try popup ads, and for that purpose, Clickadu is the best traffic source. The user interface is designed to entertain beginners and experienced marketers. The customer support is also great.

The support for the CPA and CPL pricing model adds more flexibility for the advertisers. You will be paying only for the traffic that is converting into your potential buyers.

Ad Formats: Push, Video / Pre-roll, Pop-under, Push, Banner

Bidding Model: RTB, CPM, Smart CPM, Smart CPA

Minimum Deposit: $100

6. Zeropark

You can try all the premium features of this amazing ad network before subscribing to any paid plans. In case you are after huge traffic for your promotions, then Zeropark is one of the best ad networks for affiliate marketing.

There is a built-in traffic calculator on the site that you can use to estimate the traffic that is expected for your site. With several targeting options and pricing models, this is a complete premium ad network for any niche.

Ad Formats: Push, Pop, Domain

Bidding Model: CPV, Smart CPA, CPC

Minimum Deposit: $200

7. EvaDav

The complex platforms and additional settings can be confusing for beginners. This ad network is meant to simplify the ad creation process for both new and experienced affiliate marketers and advertisers. Although the ad network user interface is simple, it does not mean that you need to cut corners. Every premium feature of a great ad network is here on this platform.

Ad Formats: Push Notifications, Native

Bidding Model: CPC

8. Adsterra

As this is one of the most famous ad networks for affiliate marketing, you might have already heard this name. With 30 billion monthly impressions worldwide, this is a huge platform for the publishers and the advertisers. The clientele of Adsterra has 12000+ publishers and 8000+ brands from all over the world. The approval and launch process is really fast, and you can create your ads in no time.

The advertiser can use the services of the personal manager or can use the automated features to execute the ad campaigns.

Ad Formats: Pop-under, Push, Banners, Direct Link, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar, and Interstitials

Bidding Model: CPM, CPA, CPI (PPI), CPC, CPL, CPO, RTB

Minimum Deposit: $100

9. RUNative

As the name shows, this ad network is a complete treat for running native push notification ad campaigns. These ads perform better than many other approaches and are highly converting. Billions of daily impressions, you get the best traffic source for your gaming and other dating affiliate offers.

Ad Formats:​ Native banners and Push Notifications

Bidding Model:​ CPC, CPM, dCOM

Minimum Deposit:​ $100

10. PopAds

The interface of the PopAds is the best on our list of best ad networks for affiliate marketing. The UI is awesome, but the targeting features are limited as compared to any other traffic source. The insights are almost accurate for traffic predictions. You can attract millions of new visitors from different regions as per your targeted locations.

Ad Formats: Pop

Bidding Model: CPM

Minimum Deposit: $10

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