Best Adult Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing (2021)

Adult traffic sources have huge potential for affiliate marketing in 2021. Whether you need to kick start a dating program or generate leads for any other campaign, choosing the right ad network requires some research.

Adult ad networks are mostly ignored by many businesses and marketers, even though the dating affiliate industry is worth $6.8 billion.

The adult ad networks are not limited to dating sites, and porn sites as other niches can also use their traffic to generate quality leads.

Best Adult Traffic Sources

As compared to many other ad networks, adult ad networks are known as easy money. Recent quarantine situations had caused a huge increment in the average traffic of adult websites.

We have prepared the list of best adult traffic sources for affiliate marketing if you want to promote affiliate products.

These adult traffic sources are best for dating affiliate programs, yet you can use them for other products. You need those traffic sources that can generate leads, and here are top adult ad networks in 2021.


ExoClick - Adult traffic source
ExoClick – Adult ad network

On the list of best adult ad networks, ExoClick seems like the winner, but it is not the ultimate choice of every affiliate marketer. The features and opportunities for the affiliate marketers make it a perfect adult traffic source.

The stats and data by ExoClick are almost accurate and can help you to make real time-efficient decisions.

The ad network is really huge, and the websites in the network are limited, yet the traffic is way more than many other networks.

With 7 billion impressions daily, you can estimate the huge potential. The registration for the network is almost free, but you will have to execute a $200 campaign here.


  • Clear stats and insights for better campaign optimization
  • Network size is huge
  • There are different targeting options


  • Premium websites are not of the high quality
  • Fraud detection needs some real-time improvement


PlugRush - Adult traffic source
PlugRush – Adult ad network

This adult ad network has been one of the best choices for the last 13 years of affiliate marketers. If your affiliate program has some kind of adult content, you don’t need to look for any other adult traffic source.

Most of the user base of PlugRush is from North America, Europe, and the UAE.

There are push notifications, native ads, and banner ads in this adult ad network.
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The site uses advanced targeting features like behavioral targeting features.

The ad network is secure from bots and auto-clicks.


  • Traffic volume is excellent, and many quality sites are included in this ad network
  • You can check the competitor’s positions
  • The campaign optimization is also impressive


  • Banner management is not that great


Pushy-Ads - Adult traffic source
Pushy-Ads – Push monetization for adult websites

For push monetization, the Pushy-Ads network is one of the best adult ad networks.

The site feature mainstream ads and notification ads as the main focus is the push notifications.

The platforms offer quality push notifications without connecting the site and the advertiser, so your brand is always safe from any association.

The CPM rates of Pushy-Ads are the highest in the market, and there are tons of quality advertisers on this adult ad network.


  • Fill rate for Pushy-Ads is 100%
  • Best traffic source for adult content publishers
  • Zero involvement of 3rd party


  • The adult ad network is all managed, and there is no self-service
  • There are no banner ads

Traffic Factory

Traffic Factory - Adult traffic source
Traffic Factory – Adult ad network

The sites in this adult ad network are limited, but these sites are doing amazing work in traffic. The amounts are almost the same if you compare the ad spending on Traffic Factory with any other ad network.

The ad network is interesting once you are familiar with the working methods of the ads here. You can also check your positions as compared to your competitors.


  • The traffic volume is good with quality sites
  • Getting started with Traffic Factory is smooth
  • The platform offers clear data and stats


  • The banner rules are pretty strict
  • No carrier targeting


AdXpansion - Adult traffic source
AdXpansion – Adult ad network

All the sites in this adult ad network are tested and verified by the team for better leads and affiliate opportunities. They keep updating the list every week with amazing sites.

You can optimize and personalize your ad campaigns with different filters and options.

You can also target the best-performing sites on this network for better optimization of the campaign.

This ad network may pose some limitations when it comes to campaign optimization based on statistics and insights.

Due to many other reasons, this adult network is not the easiest one.


  • There are options for blacklist and whitelist
  • CPM is great
  • There are several quality websites in this adult traffic source


  • Traffic quality is poor
  • The interface is not very user-friendly


Ero-Advertising - Adult traffic source
Ero-Advertising – Adult ad network

This platform is great in terms of industry knowledge and inventory.

The user experience of the ad network could be better, but you cannot say that it’s bad.

The organization of the platform needs some improvements. There are limitless options that you can use on this platform where you can target your audience and the competitors.

You can block any specific domains and URLs to maintain traffic quality. But when it comes to generating money from affiliate programs, this ad network can generate huge revenue.


  • You can target specific carriers
  • You can track your competitors
  • Get insights about the ad publishers


  • The mobile network quality is just average
  • The organization of the site can be better


Juicy Ads - Adult traffic source
Juicy Ads – Advertising network

This adult ad network has won awards in the adult traffic market. This ad network has strong market relationships with other companies too.

The platform is not very easy to navigate, and many things seem messy on the platform. The navigation makes things hard for the publishers, and the stats are hard to analyze.

The main target audiences are not mobile users, so there is no support for mobile banners. The ad content of this adult traffic sources seems interesting and can attract a lot of new potential visitors to your site.


  • You can block specific resources from the ad network
  • Bid recommendations are shown
  • Flat deals are exclusive


  • The platform is not easy to navigate
  • New users may seem confused
  • Stats and insights are limited


TrafficHunt - Adult traffic source
TrafficHunt – Adult ad network

If you are looking forward to a simple ad network, then TrafficHunt is your best adult traffic network.

The sites on this network are few, but all are of premium quality.

You can track the performance of your campaign as the insights are clear and easy to understand.

There are not so many options to make your ads more creative, yet you won’t find it a major drawback of this platform.


  • Carrier targeting in this ad network is a plus point
  • The insights and stats are easy to understand


  • The traffic cost for 3G is high
  • Campaign approval is slow

Adamo Ads

Adamo - Adult traffic source
Adamo Ads – one of the best adult ad networks

This adult ad network is not very old yet is considered one of the best adult ad networks.

You can use this adult traffic source for both mobile and computer ads. For mobile, their inventory is not up to the mark.

If you are looking for a dedicated platform for the mobile audience, this is not the best adult traffic source for your affiliate program.

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