8 Best Podcast Tools for Making Top-Quality Podcasts (2020)

Podcasting is the newest and hottest trend in the digital marketing sphere, and almost every business and brand have jumped into it. From Nike to Apple, almost every major business and startup has its podcasting channel. However, in order to produce top-quality podcasts – you need the best podcast tools. And we made a list of the best tools for you (free and paid!)

Do you want to do the same for your business? Do you want to use podcasting for business promotion?

You can consider podcasting for business as the new blogging, but with audio content. Any business or brand can benefit from the proactive engagement of the podcasts. But to get listeners and followers, you need to do something unique. Although content matters the most in podcasting yet, you cannot get listeners with audio recording with your smartphone.

podcast for business
Podcasting in the process.

Is Podcasting Free?

Nothing comes for free, so to be honest, podcasting is not free. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars, but a total of a few hundred will manage all essentials.

If you already have a good microphone and a quiet place in your space, you just need to subscribe to a professional podcasting platform or podcast hosting.

 Note: If you are not aware of the top podcasting platforms, we already did a detailed article about the best podcast hosting. The article is up, so give it a read before subscribing to the services of any podcasting site.

3 Podcast Hosting Options for Beginner Podcasters

Podcast Recording Equipment

As you have decided to try podcasting for your business, now is the time to make it more professional with the right podcast recording equipment. If your podcasting channel is doing well, it’s time to make it great. Here are a few essential yet inexpensive podcast recording tools that you need to buy:

  • USB recording bundle;
  • Microphone with adjustable height;
  • Podcast recording software;
  • Podcast hosting platform;
  • A quiet place for recording;
  • An attitude to stay consistent.

The last item on this list is the most expensive one, as most podcasters don’t have it. The lack of the right motivation and attitude is the biggest reason for failure in the online field. If you are all set with this podcasting equipment list, let’s get started with podcasting tools.

Best Podcast Tools for Recording

You must be aware that podcasting hosting platforms are not the same as podcast recording software. Here, our main focus is the list of best podcast recording tools that every marketer and business needs.

1. Audacity

Audacity is the free podcasting recording tool that has the features of any premium recording tool.

Audacity podcast
Audacity’s interface

If you want to edit your podcast recording like a pro without being in a professional studio, you need to use Audacity as your podcasting tool.

Audacity interface is perfectly optimized for beginners, and you don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge to use this podcasting tool.

Let’s make it clear that, Audacity is not the best podcast recording software. You may not find any better free podcasting tool if we compare the features and the ease of use.

2. GarageBand

Best podcast recording software if you want to make podcasting more exciting on Mac.

Garageband podcast
Garageband’s interface

This podcasting software is specially designed for Mac users and comes with free of cost plans. GarageBand is the right podcasting tool for your recordings if you want to add a musical touch to your business’s promotional podcasts.

This podcast recording software is specially designed for the musicians, so you will find several useful additional tools and instrumentals in this podcasting tool.

3. Adobe Audition

This podcasting tool will cost you $20 per month, but this tool is worth your investment. This is probably one of the best podcast tools out there.

Adobe Audition podcast
Adobe Audition’s interface

Whether you are a beginner or want to take your podcasting game to the next level, Adobe Audition is the best podcast recording software in 2020. Adobe is the most trusted name in the graphic fields, so they did not miss the podcasting market too.

This tool comes with some premade podcasting templates where you can record and mix your audio recordings easily.

This is a paid podcasting tool, but the additional options and features of Adobe Audition seem to be justifying the price tag.

You will find this podcasting tool more flexible and easy to use as compared to many other free podcast recording tools.

4. Hindenburg Journalist

Best podcasting tool for businesses if you want to adopt storytelling approach for your business podcasting

Hindenburg Journalist Podcast tool
Hindenburg Journalist’s interface

Many tools are designed for simple podcasting templates where you find it difficult to move away from the pre-defined templates. Likewise, this podcast recording software is especially for podcast episodes where you want to make narrative podcasts.

This tool has a free version that is not fully equipped with the advanced tool, but you can do pretty much amazing stuff with the free version.

The paid subscription is a pricey option, but if you have a handsome budget for digital marketing, you should go for paid versions.

If you want to import music to your podcast, you don’t need to worry about adjusting the levels of the music. The smart features will automatically manage the different levels of audio playing in the background.

You can use this podcast recording software for business, promotional, and information content creation.

5. Zencastr

If you want to conduct remote interviews for your podcast, this is the right option for you.

Zencastr Podcast
Zencastr’s interface

These days, almost every sector of life is turning to remote services. You can use this podcast recording software if you need to interview an expert from a remote location.

The interview and voice of every participant are recorded on local files so that you get efficient sound quality from all the guests.

The usage of this podcasting tool is pretty easy. Even if the internet connection is lost or you are disconnected from your guests, their audio recording will keep going without any interruption.

You can do almost all basic audio editing tasks with the built-in editor. Mixing, copying, and pasting audio files in your podcast are really easy and smooth. You can also connect this tool to your cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

6. Notion

Notion is a complete podcasting solution for mega teams who want to collaborate.

Notion podcast
Notion’s interface

For a successful podcast, you will have to focus on several aspects, like the research, editing, analysis, and other team members’ ideas. If you are not doing all of the stuff solo, Notion provides you a complete collaborative podcasting interface.

You can share the files on the platform with your team members. Other colleagues can also contribute to the podcasting as per the set plan.

7. Descript

If you want to create a transcript of your podcast along with the audio files, go for this tool.

Descript podcast tool
Descript’s interface

There are a lot of steps involved in the promotion of your podcast for business. The biggest challenge is to promote yourself through different channels as not all channels support audio media. Using the textual version of your podcast will give you a lot more exposure if you want to target as many channels as possible.

Google also promotes podcasts with transcripts, so this platform is the best way to get more audience for your podcast.

You can make edits in the transcript, and those changes will be automatically saved in the audio podcast too.

8. Wavve

This is the best podcasting tool if you want to share your podcast via different social media channels.

Wavve podcast tool
Wavve’s interface

You can customize and promote your podcast to different channels with easy to use audio editing tools.

This tool gives you the power to use audio content to create social videos that drive more reach & engagement around your business & content. It is really useful for promoting episodes, highlighting guests, and sharing show clips.

With advanced mixing tools, you modify the audio files with different transitions and other waveform animations.

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