7 Ways to Grow your Digital Business with Kajabi (2020)

Online course sellers are making thousands of dollars by teaching stuff online. If you have the potential to teach something and create amazing content that can be helpful for people to learn a new skill, you need Kajabi. What is Kajabi, and what the benefits of this

platform? We are going to discover all the perks and benefits of Kajabi for selling your skills and expertise online.

If you are good at something, never do it for free. But how are you supposed to follow this saying to generate passive income?

If you would like to get paid for your expertise, how can you start your online career? 

What is Kajabi?

If you are somehow linked to online course selling and e-learning business, you must have heard about Kajabi.

With advanced features and options, this platform is an online course platform that marketers and instructors use to create, market, and sell their expertise and skill in the form of online courses. 

You can use the platform to create and operate membership sites too.

If you want to run an established online product business, this platform is a complete package to take care of every aspect of your business.

Many successful instructors are making millions of dollars on this platform. According to Kajabi’s official statistics, thousands of marketers and instructors have made billions of dollars on their platform.

These insights show the huge potential of the platform for running your own online business.

Kajabi Pricing

The quick answer:

  • the Basic plan starts at $149 per month;
  • the Growth plan at $199 per month;
  • the Pro plan at $399 per month. 
Kajabi prices for packages

Kajabi – Pros and Cons

Pros of Kajabi

The users of this online course platform are increasing day by day, and every package from Kajabi comes with some exclusive features.

Here are some amazing features of the platform that makes it the best online course creation tool.

  • A single platform to begin and operate a complete online digital product business;
  • Ready-made templates and themes to create and market your course;
  • It has an app for both iOS and Android users;
  • Get access to power engagement tools for the effective marketing of digital products;
  • Create an entire membership site from scratch without any programming;
  • Set up smooth payment gateways;
  • Automation of the marketing and promotion of your courses;
  • Active 24/7 customer support.

Cons of Kajabi

Till now, everything looks great and smooth, however, you might face some restrictions and limitations at some point.

Here are some cons of the platform that may or may not bother you while working on this platform.

  • You cannot create a certificate natively;
  • The questioning options are pretty limited;
  • Blogging options are too limited;
  • There is no support for sales tax;
  • The pricing options are not very attractive.

How to Grow your Digital Business with Kajabi?

Overall features and options of the platform are online course-oriented. The basic idea of Kajabi is to offer one-stop access to all the tools and options that anyone needs to operate a complete online course platform from a single dashboard.

Here are some amazing things that you can do with Kajabi to supercharge your online success.

These methods of using this platform are obvious, but you need to be a bit creative to generate more sales and revenue from the Kajabi platform.

1. Market Experts are using Kajabi

If you are not sure which software or tool is a good option for you, follow the industry leaders. Their resources and recommendations will give you pretty much the idea that you need to do for success.

In the case of Kajabi, top industry leaders and marketers are using Kajabi.

You can find a long list of successful businesses that are generating millions of dollars by selling their expertise through this platform. Kajabi is powering their online businesses, and they are doing way better than just okay.

2. Complete Package for Online Business

If you are tired of using tens of programs to power a simple website, Kajabi offers you access to all the advanced tools that you need to get started with your online business.

You can consider Kajabi as your highly experienced personal assistant, copywriter, marketer, programmer, and designer.

Once you have joined Kajabi, you just need to choose what kind of site you want and the business model of your site. After that, you can sit tight while Kajabi is doing its magic.

Everything on the platform is about drag and drop. There are several templates, designs, themes, and other resources that you can modify and edit as per your business requirements.

3. Create Course Checklist

There are several educational resources included on this platform, and you can learn a lot at this platform. There are blogs, video tutorials, and informational content to get started with Kajabi.

If you still think that some additional help can ease your job, Kajabi offers a complete checklist that can be very helpful for course creation. The users can go through the checklist to get a better understanding of the course.

4. YouTube Tutorials and Videos

If you have been wasting your precious time on YouTube random videos, it’s your turn to make your time useful.

Kajabi’s team has an official YouTube channel where they share amazing content for their customers and other businesses.

You can learn a lot of new marketing trends and how to market your online business better. There are a lot of free learning resources available on Kajabi for businesses and marketers.

5. Learn from Kajabi Heroes

The top leading names of any industry are not the only ones making money by selling their expertise online.

In the Kajabi Heroes section, you can find hundreds of success stories where normal users explain their success story with Kajabi. These users can motive you to do better for your business.

6. Ready-made Converting Templates

You don’t have the expertise and time to create marketing templates for your online course site that can land new users and subscribers?

So, how are you supposed to get it done?

Well, Kajabi has all things arranged for you as you can modify ready-made marketing templates that can easily convert.

Some several templates and themes can be very helpful for the course or site promotion. You don’t need to do any technical stuff to get going with Kajabi.

7. Create Membership Sites, Surveys and Quizzes

The feature of membership sites is really amazing if you are offering any kind of other digital services like online training and consultancy services. You can also add quizzes to make the learning process more fun and effective.

These additional tools are not available on many other platforms, so choosing Kajabi gives you an upper hand over your competitors.

Whether you already have an established business or want to launch a new online business from scratch, you need to join Kajabi today.

This tool has limitless growth opportunities, and you just need to be creative to have success with Kajabi.

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