7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Business Growth

Finding the perfect WordPress Plugin for small business seems like a daunting task as you have thousands of WordPress Plugins available on the WordPress store. Small businesses require a strategic approach from choosing the right WordPress theme to installing the best WordPress Plugin.

When business growth is your goal, every step counts. Your visitors are ready to cherish your products and services, but you need to make the right choices to reach them. There are thousands of WordPress Plugins available online, but luckily, you don’t need to worry about trying each and every plugin.

WordPress for Small Businesses

WordPress provides a complete environment for businesses and startups to scale their professional activities and revenue. If you find yourself confused due to millions of marketing blogs and tips, these 7 WordPress Plugin are going to solve most of the problems.

WordPress supports 3rd party tools and services that can add value to businesses. Managing and growing your business involves a lot of efforts and other activities. With the amazing CMS like WordPress, you can automate most of the business activities in WordPress.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins add flexibility to the management of the business and personal sites without wiring a single line of code. When you need to get done repetitive task with the help of automated programs, WordPress Plugins prove to be the best companions of the business owners. You get to manage your business website in the best possible way.

Best WordPress Plugins for Small Businesses

If you have recently launched your WordPress site for small businesses, it’s time to up your marketing and SEO game with the best WordPress Plugins for 2020. These seven best WordPress Plugins are made for small business growth.

1. SeedProd

You need the best WordPress marketing plugins if you want to engage with your audience in the best possible way. Whether your site is going down for regular maintenance or you want to work on site’s SEO, SeedProd is the best WordPress Plugin for your business site.

You need to start engaging with your audience even before launching the official site. From finding the best industry-related keywords to capturing emails and leads, SeedProd does all. You can create amazing landing pages with this WordPress Plugin. You can integrate your landing pages with other famous social media accounts too. Getting started with this marketing WordPress Plugin is quite simple, as you just need to follow a few simple steps in total.

2. Formidable Forms

Forms are critical for business websites as you will have to use forms on your website for several tasks, like creating a feedback section for the clients or a form as a lead magnet. An effective form can help you to communicate with your audience in a better way with automated answer gathering.

This WordPress Plugin is one of the best form builders for a WordPress site. It was necessary to have form builder WordPress Plugin on the list of the best WordPress Plugins for business growth. There are limitless features and customization options that you can do almost anything with Formidable Forms.

There is a limited-time free trial version of this form builder WordPress Plugin. If you like the features of this WordPress Plugin, you can upgrade to the paid premium account anytime.

3. RafflePress

When it comes to the best WordPress Plugins for brand awareness, RafflePress always stands at the top position. Creating contests and giveaways is the best way to market your business and engage the target audience across different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and other famous platforms.

You can add different options to customize your contests and to make it shareable across all famous platforms. These contests will appear with responsive design on all devices. Like any other contest WordPress Plugin, you can add different prized for the winner and encourage other users to interact with your business website.

4. Smash Balloon

You can find several social media management WordPress Plugins that you can use for business growth. You can connect social media accounts and your business website in an effective matter. The marketing tools of Smash Balloon are designed to maximize the usage of the tool for business growth and brand awareness.

After installing this free WordPress Plugin, you can share your website posts directly to other social media accounts. It also helps to deal with common SEO issues in the sites. You can share the social media conversation on your site. It will help your official social media accounts to grow. This WordPress Plugin offers some intelligent options for social media and website integrations to keep the audience busy for longer times.


SEO is the backbone of any business website, but at the same time, it is a nightmare for the businesses and the inexperienced startup owners. Many small-medium businesses fail in the online sphere as they don’t know how to market their products to the right audience. All in one SEO WordPress Plugin is the best SEO WordPress Plugin with some added features that can be helpful for our audience.

Instead of going into the details of the SEO, business owners can get most of the marketing stuff done with the built-one SEO strategies. You can enhance your ranking with better keywords, tags, better images, descriptions, and other SEO factors with the help of WordPress Plugins.

From creating sitemaps to submitting the files to the Google crawler, this All in one SEO pack helps the businesses to grow their sales. If you need rapid business growth with a sustainable ranking, you can use this best WordPress Plugin.

6. TrustPulse

You can encourage the visitors of the site with different premade urgency templates where you can convince the visitors to make quick sales. When you want to promote your products and want to make successful sales, using the urgency tactic can boost conversions. Old standard marketing strategies have become the story of the past. With techniques like cross-device targeting and scarcity marketing, the marketing field has evolved to a whole new level.

There are several ways to push visitors to perform some specific action on your site. The activity can be clicking on some link, or it can be buying products from your online store. You might have already seen this WordPress plugin in action, so using these WordPress plugins for your website is not a bad idea.

7. Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO is the backbone of your site, so make sure that you are doing your best in this matter. Yoast SEO plugin is the best WordPress plugins for SEO with a 5-star rating from more than 20,000 users. Here are some cool benefits of using this WordPress plugin for SEO:

  • Better SEO
  • User-friendly content
  • Search engine optimized content
  • Title and Meta description
  • Content analysis

It is very easy to use, and your content will be automatically checked for SEO, and it will suggest the best possible solutions for your content. These WordPress plugins are like a package of functions that can make it easier to perform any specific action. Just imagine that you want to add multi photos, so adding a free WordPress plugin can be a better choice.

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