5 of the Best Tips to Boost AdSense Revenue on your Blog in 2020

Generating passive income from the blog is the dream of every blogger. Every blogger out there wants to increase Google AdSense revenue. But the question is, how can you increase Google AdSense revenue? How to boost your Google AdSense earnings? Is publishing great content going to generate Google AdSense revenue for you?

If you want to turn your dream into reality, you need to be a little more creative about generating money online. Earning more money is not just about posting content, but you also have to play with some other tactics.

Google AdSense Earning

Almost every blogger starts in the online earning field with Google AdSense. You make a professional blog, and then you have to apply for Google AdSense approval. Once the Google team thinks that your blog is worthy of ads, different ad sets are displayed on your blog.

When some users click or view these ads on your site, you will earn some money. At the start, the Google AdSense earning will be almost zero. As soon as you keep you hit the more significant numbers of daily views, your Google AdSense revenue also starts increasing accordingly.

Google AdSense is one of the most famous ways of earning money online. If you put your full attention and dedication to the marketing of the blog, you can easily make thousands of dollars monthly. But it is a fact that 50% of bloggers don’t survive for more than a few years. They don’t get a chance to increase Google AdSense revenue due to their non-strategic approach regarding Google AdSense earning.

How to Increase Google AdSense Revenue?

Google pays the bloggers by calculating different aspects of the ad clicks, like CPC, traffic, targeted keywords, and the viewers’ location. Some countries and locations have higher CPC, which means that click from those locations will generate relatively higher Google AdSense revenue for the bloggers.

When it comes to increasing Google AdSense earning, you have to work on improving the ad placement plans. If the ads go unclicked, you will not be making the desired or expected money from Google AdSense ads.

Here are the top 5 ways on how to increase Google AdSense revenue with proper ad placement. Make sure that you are not using any short-term trick or illegal method to get more views and clicks.

1. Place Google AdSense Ads on Right Spot

Imagine if you have placed Google AdSense ads at the spot that is not accessible during navigating through your site, how is the user supposed to click on the ads? Accurate ad placement is the most important factor in increasing Google AdSense revenue.

If you have 1500 words article, no one is going to spend 5-6 minutes to read such a lengthy post. Your readers are going to stay for a few seconds only in your article. Ads may not get any clicks from normal users if ads are not prominently visible on the site.

It is estimated that an average visitor, the normal site spends 37 seconds reading an article online. If your ad is not easily accessible while reading the article, you may miss the clicks.

Here is the Google AdSense heat map that gives clear insights about the user activities on your site.

You can see that the middle of the page is the best area where most of the engagement occurs. In the heat map, the darker areas mean more engagement. The right side of the webpage seems to like least responsive to the Google AdSense ads. This heat map is not any hard and fast rule. If something worked for some blogger, it does not mean that it will be 100% accurate for you too.

If you want to know how to increase Google AdSense revenue, keep trying different tactics for your site. Once you have the best ad placement plan for your site, optimize it to get more clicks and earnings.

2.     Style Google AdSense Ads for Clicks

Google AdSense programs have some limitations for the publishers, which means that you cannot change or edit ads on your page, but you can optimize the ads as per the website template. While modifying the ads for your site, make sure that you are not blending ads too much. Google AdSense ads must be prominent on the site. If the ads stand out on the webpage, it will get more clicks and impressions.

Here are some methods to edit Google AdSense ads for your website:

Blend: Design Google AdSense ads for your website as per the color scheme of the website. The border of the ad can match the color of the webpage.

Complement:  You can use the colors of your website in ads but create different borders for the ads so the user can distinguish between content and ads.

Contrast: Complete contrasts of the ads will create clear boundaries for the ads, and the reader will be able to notice the ad after a very first look.

3. Experiment with Ads

Variation is the key to getting better results. If you have placed ads on your site, it does not mean that you need to stick to that design for the rest of the time. If you want to increase Google AdSense revenue and earnings, try different ad placements and ad designs for your website. Keep track of the changes made as it will help you to compare any setting with the other experimental ad placement settings.

The color combinations can also attract the millions of customers and viewers to the ads. Apart from the ad placement, keep playing with Google AdSense sizes and Google AdSense color schemes to choose the best method to increase Google AdSense revenue and income.

4. Track Google AdSense Clicks

Once you have decided on the best ad placement for your site, your job is not done. Tracking and monitoring of the Google AdSense click are really important. When you are tracking the ad clicks, the insights will give you a clear idea of which ads are working just fine and which ads need some kind of improvements.

There are some automated plugins too that you can use to track the ad clicks right within the WordPress dashboard. MonsterInsights an amazing tool that you can use to track Google AdSense clicks. If you want to increase Google AdSense revenue, you need to focus on all minor and major details of the Google AdSense account.

5. Focus on Readers

If you are working solely for Google AdSense revenue, your audience will detect it, and it will be a bad impression of your blog. Increasing Google AdSense income must be your goal, but taking illegal turns to achieve this goal may hurt your blog in the long run.

Your top priority must be your readers, and once you start writing for the human readers, the sites also start growing in such situations.

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Written by Usama Arbakan

I am a big fan of the digitization of businesses and have been helping bloggers and startup owners with business marketing for the last 4 years. My educational background includes Bachelor's in Commuter Science Degree and several diplomas in marketing and writing. Currently, a part-time blog writer at Ad Specto.

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