5 Lead Generation Strategies (Proven & Budget-Friendly)

If you want to run a successful business with bigger profit margins, you need to master the lead generation strategies. Finding the best ways to generate leads with the least investment may seem like a hectic task as most of the lead generation strategies cost a lot.

If you are a startup owner and don’t have thousands of dollars for lead generation campaigns, we have some organic lead generation tactics.

The lead generation process is all about understanding your clients, their needs, and expectations from your business.

Lead Generation and Branding

Lead Generation and Branding
Lead Generation and Branding

Before the age of the internet, businesses used to advertise their business and products through billboards and banners.

These were costly advertisement methods, but digital marketing was not the main player in the promotional market at that time.

Businesses used to spend a fortune on these billboard ads with no track of ROI.

There was no way to calculate the sales and revenue generated through those ads, so you were just branding your business.

If you are not making sales and getting leads with your advertisement efforts, you are just investing the branding of your business.

In 2020, that approach has become the story of the past as now is the game of lead generation strategies.

How to Generate Leads?

How to Generate Leads?
How to Generate Leads?

In digital marketing, you can track the single penny that you have spent on marketing your brand and business.

You can monitor the ad campaigns’ real-time performance and track the metrics like clicks, impressions, views, sales, and other factors.

Generating Leads needs to be Cheap

Generating Leads
Generating Leads

When it comes to generating new leads, you need to pump up your budget. It is commonly estimated that landing a new client is 25 times costly than retaining existing clients.

If you know the right lead generation strategy, you can reduce the cost to a dramatic level.

Best Lead Generation Strategies 2020

Lead Generation Strategies 2020
5 Proven Lead Generation Strategies for 2020

In 2020, the marketing game has taken some serious turns, and you need to modernize your digital marketing strategies accordingly.

If you are ready to generate more leads with effective strategies, these five lead generation strategies can save your thousands of dollars:

1. Automation of the Marketing process

Lead Generation - Automation of the Marketing process
Lead Generation – Automation of the Marketing process

Your business appears on maximum screens, and for that purpose, you need to put your 100% in the marketing efforts how you present your business to new clients matters a lot. If you do everything manually, it will take years to achieve your goals, or you may not achieve anything at all.

Luckily, we have several tools and platforms that we can use to automate the marketing process. There are hundreds of marketing tools available online from email marketing to managing your products with dropshipping suppliers.

Do you want to create a converting landing page for your business but don’t know how to do it?

You can use tools like GetResponse to automate your marketing campaigns. These tools now only teach you how to generate leads but also save a lot of time and money. These tools are not very expensive, and you can automate your whole process by spending a few hundred dollars monthly.

2. Grow your Email List

Lead Generation - Grow Your Email list
Lead Generation Strategy – Grow Your Email list!

Email marketing is the backbone of lead generation strategies. If you are not focusing on this front, you are already wasting your energy in the wrong directions.

An email list is an asset that is going to help you engage with millions of new potential clients across the globe.

There are several ways to increase email lists, and you can interact with thousands of email addresses at the same time. Yes, you can use tools like MailChimp to increase and manage email listing.

When it comes to creating interactive emails that describe your product or service in effective ways, you can use the amazing templates by GetResponse or any other marketing tool that you like.

If you want to know more about automating marketing campaigns and increasing your email marketing lists, you can read the given article.

Email Popups for eCommerce: How to Collect Emails & Grow Your Sales

3. Focus on Content Marketing, Podcasting, and Video Content

Increase Lead Generation by Focus on Content Marketing, Podcasting, and Video Content
Increase Lead Generation by Focus on Content Marketing, Podcasting, and Video Content

Starting a blog for your business is essential in 2020 as customers want to gain more and more knowledge about your product before making the final purchase.

When you post content on your site or store, it helps you generate leads and helps you to up your SEO and ranking games.

You can post these resources across different platforms where countless visitors get to know more about your services and products.

More engagement on social media sends positive signals to the search engines and improves ranking.

Video Content

Apart from writing blogs, you also need to work on the video content for your site or store. If you are selling products, you can create explanatory videos to show your product in action. Videos and visual contents get way more engagement than textual contents.


The podcast is the hottest trend in digital marketing so you can start your brand podcast too.

Starting a podcast is an inexpensive deal, and you don’t need to invest a lot. There are many podcasting platforms that you can use for free, and there are paid ones too.

4. Offer Communication Channels

Increase Lead Generation By Offer Communication Channels
Increase Lead Generation By Offer Communication Channels

When readers and visitors are at your site, they will look for answers to their questions.

Adding a simple FAQ page may not be enough to provide them all the necessary information, so you will have to offer different communication channels.

Adding a live chat option on your site will also ease the process for your visitors, and they can easily get in touch with you.

If they can quickly get the answers, they are more likely to take action and generate leads or sales.

You can also offer a newsletter to your readers and update them about your new products and services. Having a newsletter option, your site also helps to increase your mailing list.

5. Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Use Social Media to Generate Leads
Use Social Media to Generate Leads

If you are not using social media for business, you need to learn the basics of digital marketing.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the main targets of every business out there. Whether you are looking for more engagement from the diverse visitors or want to make the lead generation process more effective and affordable, social media have you covered.

Being accessible and active on social media platforms is a must for all businesses in 2020.

Most of the users spend several hours daily on Facebook and Instagram.

With the largest user base, these both social media platforms can attract millions of new customers and leads for your business.

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