5 Benefits of Blogging For Your Business

When businesses are throwing million in paid marketing, you can make your contribution with organic reach by blogging for your business.

Yes, blogging for business is the easiest way to get maximum reach without investing a lot. If you are good at content marketing, you are good to go with blogging or hire a professional writer.

Blogging is one of the best methods of organic marketing. If done right, business blogging can attract millions of visitors and sales for your site or business.

Do you really need a business blog for your site? Are your competitors using a blog on their website?

You will be surprised to know that 86% of business websites have blogs.

Whether you are selling or products, your target audience wants to know about your business. There is no better way than business blogging to spread business awareness.

Blogs for Business are here to stay!

You might hear that blogging is dead, and there is no use for business blogging, but the reality is quite the opposite.

Even in 2020, blogs have been very useful and effective for small-medium businesses and organizations of any size.

Here is another lucrative fact for you about the business blog. It is estimated that adding a professional blog to your site can increase lead generation by 67%.

Yes, these figures are experimented with and proven for different blogs.

Benefits of Blogging for Business

If you have not already started a blog for business, here are some solid reasons and benefits to start blogs for business.

1. Generate Traffic with Blogs

Increase your business's website traffic by blogging!
Increase your business’s website traffic by blogging! Image source

When you keep adding different articles and blogs to your site, search engines start improving your search engine appearance.

When people find more content and solutions on your site, they start visiting your site more frequently.

With blog posts, you can easily redirect the readers and the users of your blog to the other service pages of your site.

If you are writing about the best email marketing tool, you can redirect them to the page where you are promoting your affiliate product.

This way, both reader and the business owners are benefiting from the blogs. Users got answers for their queries, and the marketer also got a reader for his site.

Writing Blog Content

When we talk about having lots of articles and posts on your blog, don’t mix it up with useless content and other irrelevant material. In business blogging, quality is the most important factor in making your blog successful.

Writing one comprehensive article daily is way better than posting five irrelevant articles.

If you don’t know how to write targeted blog content, we have already added a comprehensive guide about the targeted blog. For quality content creation, give it a read.

How to Promote Your Brand with Targeted Blog Content

You can easily rank your site for specific keywords and then redirect the users to the sales page. This way, blogs for business prove to be an effective marketing channel.

2. Boost SEO

When blogging for your business, it is essential that you boost your blog's SEO!
When blogging for your business, it is essential that you boost your blog’s SEO!

SEO game must be strong if you want to beat the competition.

Businesses and brands are hiring SEO experts to get better ranking in search results. You can also spice up the SEO game by adding blogs for business.

Google ranking is the result of SEO campaigns and strategies.

Better SEO means that you are going to get better placement in the search results.

A higher ranking means that more people are going to click on your site and more viewership will eventually lead to increased sales and conversions.

SEO Marketing for Business

There are many marketing factors and strategies that affect the performance of the website and the SEO ranking.

The user experience, design of the website, and the useful content are a few important factors in the SEO of a site.

A strong SEO game can easily help you to double the organic traffic.

While writing a blog for business, you will have to consider several on-page SEO factors and other content writing rules.

In simple words, adding useful and relevant content to your blog can really help you to boost the SEO ranking of your business site.

3. Create Strong Brand Voice

Create Strong Brand Voice by blogging for your business!
Create Strong Brand Voice by blogging for your business!

Your blog must stand out from the rest of the blogs, just like your products. Almost every brand has a blog where they keep posting useful content.

In the marketing niche or affiliate marketing niche, there are millions of blogs and sites working.

How many of the best affiliate marketing blogs do you know? We all know a very few top names as they have their unique voice.

Apart from the quality of the content, the article’s voice is another important factor in business blogging.

When you adopt a specific voice for marketing your product or services, it leaves a long-lasting impression on the readers.

Once they start recognizing the writing style of your blogs, they will start recognizing your business too. 

You need to put extra effort to make the content more useful and interactive. You can add featured images and custom illustrations to make content more engaging.

If all done according to the plan, you can easily create a strong brand voice.

4. Promote your Products and Services

Promote your Products and Services by blogging for your business!
Promote your Products and Services by blogging for your business!

No one can understand your business and products better than you. Doing the blogging content by yourself can help you a lot.

You can showcase your products and promote your services in a better way with the targeted blogging.

While writing blogs for business make sure that you are targeting the user’s pain points. At the end of the blog, your article must solve the user’s problems.

You can talk about the problems faced by the users and then present your services and products as the solution. You will have to use a strategic approach in business blogging to generate sales with your content.

Writing and posting blogs in your business is almost free. You might have to hire a paid writer in some cases, but the costs are still going to be pretty low.

If we compare the cost of blogging with the cost of paid marketing campaigns, blogging for business is almost free.

5. Build Customer Relations

Building customer relations by blogging for your business!
Building customer relations with blog post for your business!

At some point, you may have to do some extra work for the solution of the problems faced by your audience.

Although you are indirectly promoting your services and products, the efforts will seem user-oriented.

When readers find your blog content useful for the solution of their issues, it creates a soft spot in their hearts for your business.

Sometimes, you have to go for the extra mile to help the community. You need to put some effort into the development of the relationships with your customers.

Apart from promoting your own business, you can also update your audience about the new trends and technologies in your niche.

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Written by Usama Arbakan

I am a big fan of the digitization of businesses and have been helping bloggers and startup owners with business marketing for the last 4 years. My educational background includes Bachelor's in Commuter Science Degree and several diplomas in marketing and writing. Currently, a part-time blog writer at Ad Specto.

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