3 Podcast Hosting Options for Beginner Podcasters

If you think that starting a podcast is a new idea, then you are probably away from the trending digital marketing topics. The podcast industry is in the spotlight of marketers for the last four years, and brands have already jumped into Podcasting.

If you want to connect with your clients and audience on a personal level, voice notes and audio media allow you to deliver your emotions better. Writing long articles and making amazing explanatory videos are all great, but a podcast is something else. Listeners can hear your emotions and enthusiasm behind your voice.

What is the Podcast?

You can consider podcasts as radio on demand where the prerecorded audio program is uploaded to any site or platforms where people can listen to it or download it. Most of the listeners use these podcasts in their free time or while they are traveling.

Like YouTube channels, listeners can subscribe to the podcast channels, and they will be notified whenever the podcaster will upload the next programs. There are many best podcast hosting platforms where you can create and publish content.

Podcast and Marketing

It all seems like fun and entertainment, but podcasts and marketing are highly associated with each other. With Podcasting, you can interact with the captive audience. Businesses and brands are using the power of podcasts to improve their business prospects. You may not realize it yet, but podcasting is a powerful digital marketing tool. Many best podcast hosting platforms are seeing huge growth in traffic generated to their sites due to increasing demand.

Benefits of Podcast for Business

Podcast have always been around the digital sphere, but brands did not show any special interest in it for business purposes. For the last few years, many influencers started their personal podcasts, acquiring millions of new listeners. Brands saw potential in the podcast industry, so they started paying those podcasters to promote their products and services.

For the last two years, many brands started their own podcasts instead of paying other podcasters. Let’s see what the advantages of Podcasting for your business are.

  • Podcasting is a better alternative to video content
  • Generate traffic from additional channels
  • Build a relationship with the audience on a more personal level
  • Easy to create and requires no technical or editing knowledge
  • Podcasts are highly engaging
  • Spread brand awareness

How to Start Podcasting?

If you want to launch a successful posting channel, you need to prepare your tool kit. Choosing the best podcasting platform is not the only thing that you need to focus on as there are many other important things, too, including:

  • Thinking of script or concept of your podcast
  • Write a professional description to brand your podcast.
  • Get a quality microphone if you want clear sound for better quality.
  • Find a peaceful and quiet place
  • Record and edit the audio files
  • Choose the best podcast hosting platform
  • Market your podcast

Best Podcast Hosting Options

If you are all set to take new challenges for business growth, we are going to discuss three best podcast hosting platforms that are perfect for beginners and the experienced podcasters. Every platform has its pros and cons, so you can choose any that you like.

1. Buzzsprout

This podcasting platform has been around the digital marketing sphere for the last 11 years and has a huge clientele of 10 million podcasters.  This podcasting platform seems to be more focused on offering smooth yet advanced UI to new podcasters. The navigation through the platform is really simple, and it takes no time to understand its features.

You can submit your podcast to Spotify and iTunes with a simple process. Even you will find an easy step by step guide about each and every step of creating and uploading your podcasts. The information about your podcast is easily accessible all the time. If you want to publish your podcast on the WordPress site, Buzzsprout allows that too.

Buzzsprout Pricing

If you want to use this podcasting platform for free, you will have to face some limitations as your podcast will be deleted after 90 days, and you are only allowed to record for up to 2 hours only. Other paid plans include:

  • Upload 3 hours of audio each month @ $12 per month
  • Upload 6 hours of audio each month @ $18 per month
  • Upload 12 hours of audio each month @ $24 per month


  • Customer support is active
  • Super easy to use
  • Integrate with major directories


  • Files will be deleted after three months
  • Free usage does not allow many options

2. SoundCloud

If we talk about the most famous podcasting platforms, then SoundCloud is probably the first name that appears in our mind. You can consider SoundCloud as the YouTube of the audio world. Apart from accessing millions of audio files and songs, you can host your podcasting channel too.

As millions of users use this podcasting platform, there are higher chances of getting more traffic for your channel from this platform. The user experience of the website and the mobile app is just great, and you can easily share the podcast to many other social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

SoundCloud Pricing

You can use SoundCloud for free, but that package comes with very basic options, and you won’t find the package very helpful for advanced marketing. If you want premium features, you have two options:

  • SoundCloud Pro for $6/month with 6 hours of upload time
  • SoundCloud Pro Unlimited for $12/month with unlimited audio uploads


  • Clear and flexible pricing plans for beginner podcasters
  • Can be embedded easily and has a good player
  • Market your podcast to the large community


  • Statistics about your podcast are limited
  • The monetization options are limited

3. Anchor

If you want a totally free podcasting platform that has all the features of any premium tool, Anchor is the best podcast hosting platform for you. Most of the other podcasting platforms also have free plans, but they offer limited features and options, unlike Anchors which offers all the features and options in its free plan.

This amazing podcasting platform was acquired by Spotify back in 2019, so they are offering the best free services without charging anything. Even though this podcast hosting platform is free, but the features are not less than any other premium tool out there. You own the ownership of your content, so you are free to use your podcast material as you want.


  • It’s 100% completely free
  • Distribute your content easily across different platforms
  • Record podcast from any device
  • Monetize your content


  • The audio editor needs improvements
  • Customer support is not that great
  • Limited marketing tools

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Written by Usama Arbakan

I am a big fan of the digitization of businesses and have been helping bloggers and startup owners with business marketing for the last 4 years. My educational background includes Bachelor's in Commuter Science Degree and several diplomas in marketing and writing. Currently, a part-time blog writer at Ad Specto.

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