3 Examples of How to Promote Your Brand with Targeted Blog Content

Blog content is the most powerful tool of any marketer or a business owner. You can reach out to millions of potential readers, promote your brand, or generate sales with effective blog content. Search engines also rely on the quality of the blog content to rank any website.

When we talk about content, we don’t mean just paragraphs and long texts without any value. If you want the readers and the search engines to love your content, focus on offering valuable content. Without doing your research, it is almost impossible to write targeted blog content.

Common Blog Content Mistakes

Apart from the blog design, templates, and the user experience, blog content is another important part for the marketers. Rough and invaluable content can cripple your progress in the online world. Blog content is not a complicated thing to do, but the problem is associated with your will to offer quality content to your readers.

Imagine you are selling affiliate products on your blog and how you are supposed to generate sales with sloppy content. If blog content is not answering the reader’s questions, no one is going to make the purchase. Many online businesses fail just due to their poor blog content strategies. Here are some common mistakes that any marketer can make:

  • Writing blog content without setting the target audience
  • Producing targeted blog content without an effective content strategy
  • Not writing content for human readers
  • Adding a lot of content that adds no value to your blog or store
  • Writing small posts as filler content
  • Not covering all the aspects of any topic in your articles
  • Ignoring the importance of the evergreen content for your blog
  • Not doing enough research about your niche
  • Building backlinks with poor quality content on low authority blogs

How to Promote Brand with Targeted Blog Content?

If you are not getting any success with a typical blog posting, you need to try your luck with targeted blog content. Targeted blog content will ease the brand promotion for you, but it will help to get higher ranking. The primary purpose of any text or content on your blog is to educate the readers about your brand. If your brand is about digital marketing services and you keep producing content about the financial crisis in the Middle East, it is not targeted blog content.

Targeted blog content is aimed to achieve some pre-defined marketing or brand promotion goals. Here are some examples of how to promote your brands with targeted blog content.

1. Write Value-adding Blog Content

There is a difference between blog content and value-adding blog content. For most of the topics, 500 words may be enough, but the marketer must go for an extra mile. Imagine if a dropshipping store owner is tired of AliExpress dropshipping policies, he will start looking for AliExpress alternatives.

You found this keyword, and you started writing this article for your blog. Here are two possible ways to generate Content for such situations.

1st Scenario- Failed Method

As the reader wants to know the best AliExpress alternatives, you just wrote the names of the top alternatives and published the post. First of all, Google is not going to rank this post as it will be way behind the competitors’ blogs. Although you have provided the list of best AliExpress alternatives yet, the content is adding no value.

In simple words, if a reader with a blank mind visits your blog; he will not be able to make the right decision after reading your guide. You not only added sloppy content to your site, but you also wasted your time and effort. 

2nd Scenario- Recommended Method

Instead of writing just random names, you thought of producing targeted blog content. The best way to write targeted blog content is to do the research and make a perfect content strategy. Any marketer will be aware of the fact that no dropshipping business would leave AliExpress for fun. So, he must know the pain point of the reader. Apart from knowing the names of the top alternatives, the reader probably has many other questions too. So, targeted blog content must cover all of those aspects in the post.

The strategically targeted blog content will have all the details covered in one piece. The possible aspects of the top AliExpress alternatives can be:

  • How to choose the right AliExpress alternative?
  • Is dropshipping with AliExpress alternatives profitable?
  • Best free alternatives
  • Top paid AliExpress alternatives

Targeted blog content will also provide you easy access to all the resources included in the blog. So, you will find the links too in the article. In simple words, even a non-technical reader will also be able to make the right choice with the targeted blog content.

2. Promote your Service with Targeted Blog Content

The best way to attract new visitors is to offer them solutions. Billions of businesses and consumers search for limitless solutions. If you can offer them the solution, you can promote your services too.

If some business is looking for the best ways to promote the local brand on social media, you can write some case studies about the brand’s promotion. You will have to explain the whole process of brand promotion for the local businesses. When readers feel that you are offering real-time value for the business, they will start trusting your words. In the end, you can offer them your professional services.

This kind of targeted blog content is a win-win situation for both the marketer and the reader. A reader got the answer to his question, and you also presented your services to a new reader.

3. Offer Free Resources and Valuable Content

You need to offer valuable content if you want to promote your affiliate link while answering the user queries. If you are a marketer who wants to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to solve your audience’s issues.

The target audience of the digital marketing blog will be the businesses and startups. Free stuff always attracts the visitors, and with targeted blog content, you can promote your brand while offering free resources to the reader.

Case Study: If a business is looking for the best email marketing tool, he will start looking for different options. If you come up with perfect targeted blog content for such readers, you can easily promote your own affiliate link. When the user is reading your detailed blog about the best email marketing tool, you can give him one-click direct access to the tool. At that point, you will add your affiliate link in the content.

Example of Affiliate Promotion: How to Use GetResponse as Your Go-To Lead Generation Tool?

If you would have just provided information about the tool without your affiliate link, such content may add value to the user’s knowledge, but you won’t be able to generate money. The targeted blog content will follow a perfect strategic plan to achieve the goals.

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Written by Usama Arbakan

I am a big fan of the digitization of businesses and have been helping bloggers and startup owners with business marketing for the last 4 years. My educational background includes Bachelor's in Commuter Science Degree and several diplomas in marketing and writing. Currently, a part-time blog writer at Ad Specto.


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