Top 10 Proven Ways to Improve SEO Rankings in 2021 (Fast)

Internet is full of blogs and forums discussing how to improve SEO rankings. But do they work? Can you really improve SEO rankings with shady tricks (black-hat), or do you need to do the actual work?

Well, if you read the SEO ranking tips that only focus on keywords and the same content as other blogs, you are at the wrong blog.

SEO is more than just keywords and creating backlinks.

If you are still getting no traffic after following all the keyword tactics and guidelines, you need to adopt a unique approach for SEO in 2021. You need to start focusing on the real factors that have a major impact on the SEO ranking of your site.

Our Proven Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

Instead of talking about what is SEO and why SEO is important, we are going to reveal the secrets of SEO that actually work in the competitive market. Stay with us till the very end as we are going to share some bonus tips as well. You may not have heard about these SEO tips before this.

So, let’s see what are the best ways to improve SEO rankings in 2021:

1. Improve Page Loading Speed

Visitors are always in a hurry, and you need to value their time. The loading speed of the website is directly associated with improving your SEO rankings. Not only people like to visit fast-loading websites, but Google supports faster websites.

The experiments indicate that most of the ranked websites had a better website loading speed as compared to the pages at the bottom.

If you want to measure the website loading time, you can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights for home use. If the results indicate that your website is slow, you can do an in-depth analysis of the factors that are causing the slow down for the site.

If you are not sure how to improve the loading speed of your website, here are some practical tips that might help you get rid of slow pages and other complications:

  • Compress the images on your site
  • Choose a better hosting provider.
  • Minimize the web pages size
  • Remove irrelevant 3rd party scripts from your site.

2. Improve Dwell Time For Better SEO Rankings

Dwell time is the duration that a user spends on your site looking for the information before returning back to the search results page. Does dwell time matter for better SEO?

Yes, dwell time is an important factor to consider for a better ranking. When people abandon your site right after clicking on it, Google thinks that people hate your site as they are not willing to stay on it even for seconds. In such situations, the search engine will downrank your site.

How to reduce the bounce rate? If people are leaving your site too soon, you need to use a smart approach for better engagement. Adding a video on the page can be the best way to keep your audience focuses for a longer time.

3. Use Sitelinks To Improve SEO Rankings

Adding interesting descriptions and adding a catchy heading can lead to reducing the bounce rate, but if you want the users to love your site, you need to offer them easy access to the information they are looking for.

Sitelinks can be used to make the important pages of your site more prominent. You might have seen these Sitelinks underneath many famous sites. Most of the brand sites have Sitelinks for different product categories and other important pages.

Sitelinks are automatically generated by Google depending upon the scheme of your site, and you can get Sitelinks for almost every site, i.e., eCommerce sites, blogs, and information content. Other examples include adding a table of content or other methods.

4. Produce Linkable Assets

Having quality content on your site is really important for improved SEO ranking. Great content can get new visitors, but a normal post may not get you enough backlinks and other referring links.

Users prefer to create links with official resources and guides over links from informational contents and articles. If you want to get maximum domains referring to your site, working on something that is actually difficult, once you are done with complex content, many bloggers out there will add your website link instead of adding new content from scratch.

5. Use High Commercial Intent Keywords

If you are only focusing on the search volume of the keywords, you are making a mistake in 2021. Having a bunch of searches does not mean that keyword is perfect for your site.

If you want to earn more with your site, focus on keywords that are highly paid by the advertisers. When someone searches for link building services, it means that he is interested in buying this service, so all involved businesses will be ready to invest more money in that keyword.

There are millions of keywords that have very limited searches but have CPC of $25. It means that all the visitors to these keywords are your potential buyers.

6. Target Topic + Statistics Keywords

This is a very simple yet effective method to improve SEO rankings. Stats and figures are always a great attraction for most of the bloggers and visitors, so you can use these keywords to get thousands of backlinks.

The best way to use this method is to do your homework in the very first stage. Once you have all the stats and information, the next step is to publish it for the other bloggers. Just imagine that you want to target students. Most of the bloggers are already working on the scholarship sites, so you write about “student scholarships 2021” s stats.

Most of the bloggers will be ready to link with your blog as you have done the most important search that can be useful for their students or themselves. For more authenticity, you can create dedicated web pages for the stats content.

7. Optimize Content for User engagement

Before you jump to writing fantastic content, have you figured out what the main keywords for your article are? Actually, the purpose of keyword research is to use those search terms and queries that your audience is going to type in the Google search bar.

You can refer to the keyword research tool to analyze the best keywords that can help you rank your blog. Here are some great and practical tips for creating content for your readers according to Google guidelines.

  • Do your topic research
  • Follow article structures
  • User smaller paragraphs
  • Use heading
  • Use signal words
  • Write longer articles

8. Use Broken Link Building

Broken link building is one of the most trusted methods to get backlinks from several sites. So, if you are interested in improving SEO ranking with broken link building, the first step is to create linkable content. Once you are all set to get the backlinks from different sites, run their website through domain Ahref to analyze their backlink activity. It will also indicate which links are broken so you can add your website link to fill in the gap.

Once you have found the broken links, you will contact the website owner to ask for posting your content. Most of the time, all bloggers will be ready to get this job done as they also don’t want broken links for the site. If there are broken links in your site, make sure that you have taken care of the car repairing.

9. Use LSI Keywords in your Content

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are conceptually related terms that search engines use to understand the content on a webpage.

People look for the same information in different ways. They want to gain maximum information about any topic or product, so make sure that you cover every aspect of the topic under discussion. The same article will rank at the very top when you have used several keywords. In short, using relevant keywords in your content is critical.

Whenever you search any keyword on the internet, Google suggests some LSI keywords as well. These keywords are almost identical to your original keyword in terms of intent. For instance, if you search for “best freelancing sites” on Google, LSI keywords will have some major keywords like:

  • Best freelance websites for beginners
  • Toptal freelance
  • Freelancing websites in the USA
  • UpWork freelancing
  • Make money online

You can see that most of the top-ranking articles will have these keywords as well. In simple words, for maximum engagement, use a systematic approach to target different aspects of the same topic.

10. Improve SEO Rankings with Internal Linking

You probably have hundreds of articles on your site, and most of the articles will be about the same topic but with different content. You can use different schemes to interlink your content with different pages on your site. For example, if you have an article on your site with the title of “best competitive intelligence tools,” you can interlink this article with sub-articles. For example, you have the SEMrush tool as part of the list in the detailed article. On the other hand, you have a detailed article about SEMrush only.

In the detailed article, you can add a link to the SEMrush article to get more information about SEMrush if needed. If the interlinking technique is used strategically, you can pass link juice between different posts on your site, and it is surely a good thing for a better ranking in Google. If you have some high ranking pages, you can use these pages to promote low-ranking pages.

Bonus Tip 1 – Find Question Keywords

Have you ever heard of the “Answer the public” site? Visit the website and thank us later in the comments below!

QuestionDB is also another site where you can find answers to different queries and questions from the audience. You can use a simple table or any other method to add textual information to your site. These questions are generally asked on Reddit so that the general purpose of a car is to offer you more and more content ideas.

Bonus Tip 2: Rank for Brand Name

Brands’ names are really important in the light of the impact on your site. Instead of using the “best email marketing tool” keyword, use the MailChimp email marketing service as it will get you more clients. 

If you are ready to implement all of these methods to improve the ranking of your site, get started by writing down your keywords and keep following the further steps. Soon, you will be a special fan.

Written by Nikola Knezhevich

Ex-lawyer & ex-legal advisor. Former startup CMO. Currently an entrepreneur & digital marketing enthusiast. I have been doing digital marketing since 2014, primarily lead generation, client acquisition & business strategy. Joined "Ad Specto" to share all my digital knowledge and wisdom with you.
Co-Founder @AdSpecto, Founder @AdUp, Founder @LawAcademy


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