10 Best Link Shorteners Every Marketer Should Know About

There are many reasons for a marketer to use the best link shortener for marketing tasks. The normal links for the sites are long, complicated, and hard to handle. The URLs and the links of the site must be short and tidy. There are a lot of online tools available that can shorten the links.

Apart from shortening the links, there are many other benefits of the link shorteners. Which is the best link shortener, and what are the advantages of the link shorteners? We are going to discuss each and everything that you need to know about the link shortener or the URL shortener.

If you are looking for the best link shortener for your site or affiliate marketing campaign, here are some best link shorteners that every marketer must be aware of.

Why do you need to use Link Shorteners?

Many reasons can force the marketer to use the link shorteners

Hide the Original Site

There are many situations when the original website address must stay hidden for the privacy of the merchant or the site.

Shorten the Original Link

The other reason is the length of the original links. Just imagine you want to use the link to a specific page in your content. If the original URL is too lengthy, it will look odd in the format and may irritate the user. 

Generate Links for Social Media Sharing

Most of the marketers use social media platforms for the promotion of their products. If you want to share the products with social media, you will have to shorten the links. Sharing the original lengthy links can make your posting suspicious for the media.

Short Links are Easy to Note

If you are presenting your idea in front of the audience, your links must be short so that the viewers or the reporters can easily note down the links that you have used in the content.

Short Links look Professional

Whether you are willing to showcase your products to any platform or want to send any information to any involved party, the best link shortener will offer the optimized URLs. Almost all professional emails have shortened links and URLs. So, for the marketers and the businesses, finding the best shortener is critical.

Best Link Shorteners in 2020

We keep testing and learning about new products in different marketing niches. For the list of best link shorteners, we have these 10 amazing link shorteners that every marketer must be aware of.

1. Bitly

It is the most used link shortener used by most of the marketers and the professionals. You can easily integrate this link shortener with 3rd party services like Hootsuite and Zapier. For professional use, Bitly is easy to use a link shortener. The free version of this URL shortener offers many great options and features for the businesses and the entrepreneurs. You can generate 500 branded and 10,000 unbranded URLs with the free version of the Bitly.

2. Capsulink

For creating the branded custom URLs with Capsulink will not take more than a few seconds. The link shortener’s dashboard has many other features, too, like tracking and monitoring the performance of your links. If any link is broken, this URL shortener will fix the link to ensure the smooth traffic flow.

The free plan is the best option for small businesses and marketers who are not ready to invest their budget for expensive tools. It is no doubt the best link shortener for the businesses that need limited custom links only.

3. PixelMe

Retargeting is the new trend in marketing, and PixelMe offers a lot more than just a normal link shortener. There are many additional features of the tool that make it the best fit for businesses and marketers. You can retarget all the users and the visitors who have clicked on the link once. The pricing options of this URL shortener are expensive than many other competitors. There are three major pricing options for businesses and marketers:

  • $65 per month
  • $124 per month
  • $249 per month

4. Rebrandly

If you need the best link shortener that can be integrated with all the platforms and the devices, Rebrandly is the top pick for you. The pricing options for the paid plans start from $29. The other pricing options include $69 and $499 per month.


If you want a free link shortener for normal usage, this is a perfect option for small businesses and marketers. For the large businesses and the organizations, you can upgrade the paid plans for the service. The paid plan allows the businesses to add up to 50 members in the tool.

Apart from the free package, the other option costs $12 and $599 per month. The paid packages are powerful enough to power the business needs of any business.

6. Poplink

This link shortener is available as the Chrome extension. Marketers can add tracking metrics to the shortened links and the URLs to analyze the performance of the links and the URLs. You can also add pictures, headlines, and descriptions to the shortened links to make the URLs more converting.

Here are some other features of the Poplink that may attract the businesses:

  • Retarget the users
  • Get insights into the dashboard.
  • RSS feed
  • UTMs
  • Unlimited SSL certs
  • Root domain redirects

7. RocketLink

This service has a lot to offer than just a typical link shortener. You can also add personalized CTAs to the brand links. Some unlimited features and options can be added to your campaigns. If you are in search of the best link shortener that can ease your job, you need to try RocketLink for your business.

8. Sniply

This link shortener is one of the best URL shorteners that offer the flexibility of adding the call-to-action too. The links are shared in the form of the button or any CTA, and when the viewer clicks on the call-to-action, he will be directed to the original link that is embedded in the button. The additional touch of the CTA can make the link look more converting and engaging.

There is a free trial account of the link shortener that you can use for the basic functions. For the paid premium versions, there are paid subscriptions of $29, $79 and $149 per month.

9. Linkiro

Like the other link shorteners on our list, this tool also allows the users to add CTA to their shared links. The features and options of the Linkiro are just as great as any other tool on our list. The prices of the paid subscriptions are lower than the typical link shortener tools.

The two paid plans cost $49 and $99 per month. The options are almost the same as the other tools, but the pricing feature makes it the best link shortener in the mid-range.


The user interface of this link shortener is really great. You can do a lot more than just reducing the lengths of the links. You get easy to understand stats and insights about the links that you shorten through this best link shortener.

The paid subscriptions include the packages of $20, $50, and $150, respectively. You find all the features and options of any other premium link shortener tool.

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